These forms are for F-1 and J-1 international students (and their F-2 and J-2 dependents living in the United States).

Most forms can now be submitted online through the RGlobal portal

Additional Information

Extension of Program +

If you will not complete your degree requirements and graduate by the end date noted on your I-20 or DS-2019, you must request an extension before this document expires. Please review the procedure on our Extension of Program page. This request is submitted online.

Reduced Credit/Course Load Authorization +

Rutgers F-1 and J-1 students are required to hold a minimum full-time course load (when applicable). Undergraduate degree-seeking students must hold 12 credits, while graduate degree-seeking students must hold nine credits. Non-degree, short-term students are usually required to be involved in classroom or hands-on training about 30 hours per week, although the requirements vary.

You will need to submit a Reduced Credit Load request via the RGlobal portal. Your Academic Dean/Graduate Program Director or Registrar (for RBHS students) will need to provide electronic certification.

Please see more information about Reduced Credit/Course Load here and submit completed application online through the RGlobal portal.

Note: Students applying for reduced credit based on medical reasons should submit the Reduced Credit Load for Medical Reasons e-form.

Employment (On-Campus, OPT, CPT, and Academic Training) +

Social Security

On-Campus Employment

Please review our On-Campus Employment page for instructions.

Curricular Practical Training (CPT)

Please review our CPT page for instructions. This request is submitted entirely online.

Optional Practical Training (OPT)

Please review our OPT page for instructions. This request is submitted entirely online.

STEM OPT Extension

Please review our STEM OPT Extension page for instructions.

J-1 Academic Training

Please review our J-1 Academic Training page for instructions. This request is submitted entirely online.

J-1 Economic Hardship

Taxes and Social Security +

Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Forms

Social Security

RBHS-Newark procedure to obtain a SSN:

Student Interns +

Travel Information +

Leaving Rutgers +

All students departing Rutgers are required to complete one of the following forms:

Families/Dependents +

Miscellaneous Information and Data (academic, funds, address change) +

USCIS Forms +

  • AR-11
    Form used to update USCIS on U.S. address changes

  • AR-11SR
    Form used by those subject to Special Registration to update USCIS on U.S. address changes

  • I-102
    Form used by non-immigrants to apply for a new or replacement Form I-94 or I-95 nonimmigrant Arrival-Departure document

  • I-9
    Anyone who is employed in the U.S. is required to fill this form and submit it to their employer

  • I-539
    Form used to request changes from one nonimmigrant category to another and used by F-1 non-immigrants seeking reinstatement of status

  • I-765
    This is the application for employment authorization to request optional practical training

Express Mail +

When requesting documents from Rutgers Global–International Student and Scholar Services we will send them to you by regular mail free of charge (overseas mail takes approximately 4-6 weeks or longer). Express mail services are available at your own expense. Our office uses an express mail service eShipGlobal to coordinate the mailing. Please complete the following steps to request this service.

  1. Complete the required fields at eShipGlobal international student/scholar sign-up and then click on “Register." 
  2. Complete the sign-up form. You will need to be prepared with the following:
    • RUID
    • Mailing address
    • Email address
    • Telephone number
  3. After registration, an activation email will be sent to your email. Click on the activation link from your email and then click on “Student Login” in the top right-hand corner.
  4. Login to UEMS by entering your email and password that you registered an account with. Select "Receive Documents From University" or the appropriate “Document Icon” to have your university send you documents.
  5. Enter “Rutgers University–New Brunswick Campus” in the University Search, or select New Jersey from the state map or state dropdown.
  6. Select “Intl Students and Scholar Services” from the Department List. This will ensure your shipping label is received by our office. All of your information (and your university's information) will be filled in already.
  7. Select “Continue” after confirming your mailing address (U.S. or foreign), phone number, and email address.
  8. Select your shipping carrier and transit time of choice between FedEx, UPS, or DHL.
  9. Select your method of payment (Credit/Debit Card, Wire Transfer or PayPal). Pay close attention to the information submitted on these screens, as errors in the credit card information or submitting incorrect or incomplete address information will result in a delay in the mailing of your documents.
  10. You and your university will receive a notification confirming this shipment request. Please inform your international student adviser by email when you have completed the request, so we can mail out your documents.

If you experience any difficulty in registering and processing the shipment, please use the Help link in the site for step-by-step instructions. If you have additional questions about how to use this service, please e-mail For all other inquiries related to your legal status, please email