Mission, Vision, Values

Rutgers Global: Bringing the World to Rutgers and Rutgers to the World

Mission: Rutgers Global is the university-wide international office that promotes global engagement and understanding.   

Vision:  Rutgers Global is dedicated to bringing together our richly diverse student population to engage in cross-cultural exchange and critical dialog, and to ultimately prepare them to be globally minded, culturally fluent citizens of the nation and world. We seek to ensure that internationally renowned scholars join Rutgers University; we cultivate meaningful global partnerships and alliances; and we support breakthrough research and innovation with an international impact.

Values:  Rutgers Global continually seeks to strengthen the University’s global engagement, impact, and reputation by:  

  • Cultivating and supporting a robust and diverse international student and scholar community. 
  • Fostering global experiential learning at home and abroad for all students to nurture their development and success. 
  • Partnering with leading international institutions and organizations to develop and sustain collaborative academic programs and research that address global grand challenges. 
  • Creating opportunities and supporting initiatives for the broad university community and alumni to engage globally. 

Rutgers Global

Photo of flags flying in front of Rutgers Global main office

Here is a short video about the mission and activities of Rutgers Global.