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Study abroad can energize the learning environment. When your courses include students who have gone abroad, or those who are preparing to do so, classroom interactions are enhanced and students engage more deeply with the learning opportunities that you create. 

The advantages are even greater when you build a study abroad opportunity into your course. Whether the goal is to offer students a hands-on experience with critical global topics discussed in the classroom, or to immerse them in a language or culture, or to show them how others solve problems or build communities, our staff can help make that opportunity a reality. We work with dedicated, globally-active faculty to help deliver and promote high-quality experiences abroad for all Rutgers students.

Pitch us your ideas for summer or semester courses or for short-term “embedded” that are part of an existing on-campus course. Let us help you shape a challenging experience for your students.

Proposing A Program +

Rutgers Global–Study Abroad encourages all academic departments to identify strong study abroad options that can be integrated into their undergraduate majors and/or minors. We already offer over 180 programs in more than 50 countries, and are happy to meet with departmental representatives to identify existing opportunities in a particular subject area.

We strongly encourage setting up a preliminary meeting with us to discuss the feasibility of any new partnerships. Please review the guidelines, program proposal forms, and review process timeline on our website prior to a meeting. 

Short-term programs, which are typically faculty-led, can be the easiest way to integrate study abroad into an academic curriculum, as the threshold for participation is lower than for semester programs. Departments should think carefully about how best to embed such a program into a major and/or minor in order to ensure healthy enrollments. Short-term programs can be offered in summer term, winter term, or during either the fall or spring semester as an embedded program. 

Semester Program Proposal Form
Short-term Program Proposal Form
Service Learning Abroad Program Proposal Form

Request Help Identifying Programs for Your Students +

Rutgers Global–Study Abroad administers over 180 programs in more than 60 countries around the globe. Academic advisers play a very important role in helping our students select programs that are best suited to their needs and achieve success in their study abroad experience.   

We are always happy to help you identify programs that are particularly suited to your students’ needs. Please email your request to ru_abroad@global.rutgers.edu.

Request a Classroom Visit for Your Students +

Classroom presentations about study abroad can run from five minutes to 30 minutes, depending on your request. Our staff can tailor talks to suit specific needs or the particular interests of an audience. When requesting a classroom visit, please include your name and contact information, course number/title, classroom location, preferred date and time, preferred length of presentation, and approximate number of students in the class.

To request a class visit, email ru_abroad@global.rutgers.edu.

Request an Info Session for Your Department +

We offer “Study Abroad 101 for Advisers” sessions, a 30-minute informational meeting to familiarize the Rutgers community with study abroad opportunities. To schedule a session for your department, contact us at ru_abroad@global.rutgers.edu.