Rutgers ACCESS THE WORLD Initiative

30+ Global Destinations | Rutgers Credits Abroad | All at Rutgers cost*

Rutgers Global–Study Abroad seeks to ensure that every Rutgers student has access to opportunities for global learning which are academically rigorous, degree-relevant, culturally transformative, and empower students for impact in local and global communities.

That's why we are excited to share with you the Access the World Initiative! 

Depending on where you choose to study abroad, you may find the cost comparable or even more affordable than staying at Rutgers University for a semester. 

Click on the two information sheets below (PDFs) to compare the estimated costs of Access the World study abroad programs for New Jersey and Non- New Jersey residents. And then head to the Program Search to get started!


Spring 2022 - NJ Residents


Spring 2022 - Non-NJ Residents

Access the World Initiative

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For more information, visit Rutgers Global–Study Abroad at 102 College Avenue or email