Transferring out of Rutgers

If you plan to transfer from Rutgers to another institution in the United States, you will need to notify Rutgers Global–International Student and Scholar Services so that a transfer out may be processed in the Student Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS). To notify us, you must complete the transfer out procedure so that your international student adviser can release your SEVIS record to your new school.

Although you may be applying to several new schools, Rutgers can only indicate one transfer school in SEVIS. You should choose a school and a term start date before you complete the transfer out procedure. If you decide to cancel your school transfer, you must notify us prior to your transfer release date. Once the transfer release date has been reached, Rutgers will no longer have access to your SEVIS record. 

Once the new school receives your F-1 or J-1 record in SEVIS, it can create a new I-20 or DS-2019 for you and will assist you in completing the transfer in procedure to their school.

F-1 students (currently studying, on OPT, or recently graduated) should follow the procedure below to request a release of their SEVIS records. Please plan in advance to make sure that your transfer out request is completed within 60 days of your last date of attendance at Rutgers or within 60 days of the end of your OPT.

J-1 students sponsored by Rutgers who wish to transfer to another school must speak with an international student advisor.


Submit the following documents to Rutgers Global–International Student and Scholar Services:

  • A completed transfer out form
  • A copy of the admission letter at your new school



  • Check with the international services office of the school that you are transferring into for any additional procedures required to be completed for your transfer-in to their institution
  • If you are outside of the United States, please contact an international student advisor
  • If you are a new student at Rutgers and you need to transfer out to a different school, please contact an international student advisor
  • If you are currently an undergraduate student at Rutgers–New Brunswick (or are on OPT after earning an undergraduate degree from Rutgers–New Brunswick), and you have been admitted to a graduate program at Rutgers–New Brunswick, please follow the procedure above and also review the information for newly admitted Transfer Students
  • If you are currently an undergraduate student but are enrolled in a five-year bachelor’s/master’s degree program, contact an international student adviser during the last semester of your bachelor’s degree