Sponsored Students

Rutgers provides support to both sponsoring agencies as well as sponsored students and scholars to help them reach their goals. We are committed to serving as the liaison between sponsoring organization, students, and scholar, and various academic departments and other offices on campus. The list of sponsored programs Rutgers hosts changes every semester.

What is an international sponsored program? Sponsored visitors are those who come to Rutgers either with full financial support from a government or on a visa sponsored by an organization other than Rutgers.

Additional Information

Services for Sponsored Program Students +

We provide these services for sponsored students and scholars:

  • General admissions assistance and advising

  • Communication services between the sponsoring agency and the sponsored student or scholar

  • Resources and information on housing options

  • Personalized advising services to support the students’ welfare while they study at Rutgers, including academic, health, and housing issues

  • A customized orientation for new sponsored students

  • Assistance for students in fulfilling the requirements of sponsoring agencies

  • Special programs and exclusive events for sponsored students and scholars

We provide these services for sponsoring agencies:

  • Primary post-placement contact so the sponsor can communicate with the university in an ongoing fashion

  • Assistance in obtaining individual students' invoices

  • Assistance in locating housing for arriving students and scholars

  • Deferred billing to facilitate sponsored student registration

  • Coordination of site visits when requested by sponsoring agencies

  • Assistance in obtaining transcripts from the university



Resources for Sponsored Program Students +

The following information and forms will help sponsored students and scholars acclimate more quickly to Rutgers: