Fulbright Scholar Program

The Fulbright Scholar Program, sponsored by the Department of State Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, offers U.S. faculty and administrators grants to lecture, conduct research, or participate in seminars around the world. The program is designed to increase mutual understanding between the peoples of the United States and other countries. The program is administered by the Council for International Exchange of Scholars(CIES), a division of IIE.

Rutgers Global–Programs provides services to faculty and scholars who wish to pursue Fulbright Scholar Program opportunities, including information sessions and application resources. The deadline to apply for the subsequent academic year’s Core Fulbright Scholar Program is typically August 1; other programs may have different application deadlines.

Rutgers has had a successful history of sending faculty and staff on Fulbright Scholar programs. For a full list of past recipients, please visit: Past Fulbright Scholar recipients list.

For FAQs about the Fulbright Scholar Program, see below.


Rutgers University hosts 5-10 international Fulbright Scholars from different countries on average each year. Academic departments that are interested in potentially hosting a Fulbright scholar should contact the Rutgers Campus Contact listed below for assistance. Typically, potential hosting departments are asked to provide an invitation letter to the scholar to support their Fulbright application – please speak to your dean’s office to obtain this letter; Rutgers Global cannot provide this letter. Host departments are responsible for arranging office space and logistical support (such as setting up a Net ID and coordinating airport transfers) for their scholar. Hosts are not responsible for securing housing for their scholar but assistance in this area is greatly appreciated. Host departments do not need to provide any funding to the scholar – Fulbright provides a stipend and covers travel and immigration paperwork logistics for the scholar.  

Greg Costalas, Assistant Director of Programs
Rutgers Global–Programs


Rutgers undergraduate students who wish to pursue Fulbright opportunities should contact Anne Wallen in the Office of Distinguished Fellowships.

Rutgers graduate students who wish to pursue Fulbright opportunities should contact Ms. Teresa Delcorso-Ellman at the Office of Graduate Student External Grants and Fellowships – Grad Fund.


How do I apply for the Fulbright Scholar Program? +

All applications are submitted online through the CIES website. Please visit https://www.cies.org/application-login.

Where can I go to view all of the available Fulbright awards? +

The Catalog of Awards generally becomes available for the following academic year in late February or early March. For example, in February of 2019, the awards for the 2020-2021 academic year will open. The current catalog can be viewed at https://awards.cies.org/.

When are the deadlines for applying? +

The CORE program awards have an application deadline of August 1. Other programs, such as the International Education Administrator Seminars may have other applications deadlines. Please refer to the CIES website for exact dates.

I want to conduct research overseas but do not want to teach while abroad; is this possible? +

Yes. Not all awards require teaching. Please read through the Catalog of Awards carefully as some awards are teaching only, some are research only, and some include a combination of both.

I would like to conduct research in more than one location/country. What are my options? +

While the majority of the awards are specific to one location, there are a few options that would permit you to travel throughout a region to conduct your research. When viewing the Catalog of Awards, please search by Country/Area and select, “Multi-country”. There are a limited number of Regional and Global Scholar Awards, which allow U.S. scholars to propose research or combined teaching/research activity in two or three countries with flexible schedule options.

I am unable to be away from my research and teaching at Rutgers for 9 months. Are there Fulbright Scholar options for me? +

The Core program awards vary by location and can last anywhere between two and twelve months. Additionally, there is a “Flex” option on certain awards that would permit a grantee to travel to their site of activity more than once over a two-year period. Learn more about Flex Awards at https://www.cies.org/fulbright-flex-awards.

How much will I receive from Fulbright for participating in the program? +

Each award comes with different stipends and benefits. Please review to the specific listings in the Catalog of Awards for this information.

I am not currently a faculty member at the university. Are there any Fulbright Scholar programs for me? +

Yes. The International Education Administrator Seminars (IEAs) are designed for university professionals and senior officials interested in learning more about the educational systems around the world. IEAs are small group, intensive, two-week programs that feature many campus visits, meetings with university staff, and some cultural touring. More about IEAs can be found at https://www.cies.org/program/fulbright-international-education-administrators-seminars.

Where can I get help on completing my application? +

CIES has a number of resources available to assist those interested in completing their application. In addition to regular webinars during the application period, they provide tips to completing their application on their website. They also have some Project Statement Samples for you to review. 

I want to talk with someone about my application before I submit it. Who should I contact? +

CIES has program officers who are available to speak with program applicants. Please visit https://www.cies.org/contact-us to get the contact information for the person specific to the region of the world in which you are interested.

What is Rutgers’ official policy on Competitive Fellowship Leave? +

Rutgers University’s Office of Human Resources has Competitive Fellowship Leave Program Guidelines which must be followed.  Additionally, your dean’s office may have a similar but separate set of guidelines for your particular school. It is recommended that you speak with your academic dean’s office about the procedures that need to be followed prior to accepting a Fulbright award.

Does my department chair/dean need to know I am applying before I submit my application? +

While it is not a requirement to notify anyone before submitting a Fulbright Scholar application, you will need to contact your department chair and academic dean prior to accepting a Fulbright award. Certain arrangements will need to be made and the sooner they know about your intended absence, the easier it will be for your department to arrange to find a replacement instructor to teach your courses.

I have not built up enough time to take my sabbatical. Can I still participate in a Fulbright Scholar program? +

Fulbright grants vary in length and some shorter and Flex programs can be undertaken over the summer and winter breaks. Additionally, please refer to the Competitive Fellowship Leave guidelines (mentioned above) regarding this topic.

Does Rutgers Global have applications/project statements on file from past successful grant recipients? +

No. At current, we do not have a repository of past applications. However, the CIES website does have some sample copies for you to review. See Project Statement Samples.

What other questions do I need to ask before applying for a Fulbright award? +

The CIES website is full of useful information. Their FAQ site should answer many of the questions you have. You should also feel free to reach out to the Rutgers Campus Contact listed below.