Global Initiatives

Rutgers Global is focused on building and strengthening ties with students, faculty, and our partners in China and Latin America. We are also committed to setting up our international students for success during their time at Rutgers. Click on the tabs below to learn more about our China Initiatives, Latin America Initiative, and office for International Academic Success.

In addition, Rutgers Global spearheads a number of initiatives focused on global impact:

  • We encourage faculty and students work together to develop research, education, and service initiatives to foster the seventeen Sustainable Development Goals proposed by the United Nations.
  • We work to help the more than 70 million displaced people worldwide by engaging with the migration and refugee crisis in a variety of ways, including workshops, partnerships, and service-learning engagement.
  • We aim to understand and prevent genocide and mass atrocity crimes by partnering with the Center for Study of Genocide and Human Rights (CGHR) at Rutgers University.

Learn more about our global initiatives below.