Welcome to International Academic Success

Pioneering a New Approach to International Student Success at Rutgers

Rutgers Global–International Academic Success (IAS) was created in 2017 to enhance the academic success of international students at Rutgers University, primarily by coordinating programming across the university and helping students navigate a complex university structure. 

The International Academic Success office works with a wide range of partners, including faculty and staff from key schools and units within the University, including the School of Arts and Sciences (SAS), School of Environmental and Biological Sciences (SEBS), School of Engineering (SOE), Rutgers Business School (RBS), Division of Student Affairs, Rutgers Foundation, and Undergraduate Admissions. 

Through thoughtfully designed programming, we address key challenges often faced by international students, including:

  • Acculturative stress
  • Cultural barriers
  • English language competencies
  • Immigration regulation compliance
  • Lack of familiarity with US academic system
  • Teaching methods
  • Academic integrity standards

Contact Us:
Anu Gupta, Assistant Dean of Global Academic Programs: 848-932-3054, anu.gupta@rutgers.edu
Flora McVay, Program Manager: 848-932-3062, fmcvay@global.rutgers.edu
Corinne Mitchell, Program Coordinator: 848-932-3035, c.mitchell@rutgers.edu

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Rutgers Global - International Student Pre-Departure Orientation

International Pre-Departure Orientations

Pre-Departure Orientations (PDOs) take place in the home countries of our international students and serve as comprehensive pre-arrival orientations to introduce academic expectations and resources for student success at Rutgers. They also create an opportunity for our team to understand and address any concerns and questions that students and their families might have.

Since 2017, Rutgers has hosted PDOs in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, New Delhi, Mumbai, and Seoul.

“Today, I’ve witnessed the true sincerity of Rutgers.” 
- Parent at a PDO, 2019

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RU-FIT Transition Course

RU-FIT (First-year International student Transition course) is a one-credit course taught by Peer Leaders—Rutgers Juniors and Seniors (often international students themselves)—designed to aid international students in a successful transition to Rutgers University. This course, mandatory for first-year international students enrolled in SAS, SOE, RBS, and SEBS, aims to help students develop a foundation for a well-rounded college experience by connecting them to Rutgers resources, promoting engagement within and outside the classroom, and communicating university expectations. Peer Leaders are trained by faculty and staff advisors and, as mentors, become an important resource for international students during their time at Rutgers.

“The experience and skills I gained being a peer leader has helped me in getting leadership positions in various organizations in pharmacy school. I always see myself reflect upon what I have learned being a peer leader and I am very thankful for it. Recently, I applied for the PharmD/MS-HOPE (Health outcomes policy and economics) program and got accepted into it. This program will allow me to work in the pharmaceutical industry and make a larger impact on the patient population by ensuring better health outcomes for them. My experience of being a peer leader has helped me in accomplishing many goals and I am very grateful for the opportunity you gave me. I aspire to keep building on this experience to achieve my career goals."
- Rutvi Patel, Peer Leader

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Apply to be a RU-FIT Peer Leader! More information and how to apply here.

Rutgers Global Peer Academic Coaching Program

Peer Mentoring and Coaching 

In partnership with the Rutgers University Learning Centers, we have developed a new Peer Academic Coaching Program. Research has shown that academic coaching helps students prioritize and plan their studies and overcome barriers to their academic success. This program complements the academic coaching offered by the Learning Centers by training Peer Leaders who have taught the RU-FIT course to be academic coaches. The coaching is provided through Mini courses that run for seven weeks in the first and second half of the semester. They are offered in small groups of six students or fewer enabling Peer Leaders to address individual academic needs. In addition to the Mini courses, Peer Leaders also hold academic coaching sessions at the Learning Centers. 

Photo of Rutgers faculty at workshop

For Faculty: Classroom Inclusivity Series

A recent workshop in this series was "Impact of Identities, Biases and Fears on the Learning of International Students." The workshop focused on pedagogical strategies and tools that respond to multi-lingual learners of diverse backgrounds and experiences while incorporating testimonials of current undergraduate students on this topic. By learning about and remaining cognizant of the differences among our community members, our faculty can be better and more inclusive educators. This workshop series is a collaboration between Office of Teaching, Evaluation, and Assessment Research (OTEAR) and Rutgers Global.

View the presentation deck from the workshop

Visit OTEAR's Inclusivity Series webpage