Student Interns

You can intern at Rutgers to get hands-on experience in your field of study, and you can enter on a J-1 visa in the subcategory of student intern. On these programs, you’ll fulfill the educational objectives for your current degree program at your home institution through work-based learning and cultural exchange.

You my participate in an internship program for as little as three weeks and at most, up to 12 months for each foreign degree or major.

To be eligible for an internship, you must:

  • Be sponsored by a Rutgers unit/department and have arranged for professor/staff member to supervise you during your internship program

  • Meet all student intern criteria on the Student Intern Verification Form

  • Have a valid passport valid for at least six months beyond your period of stay in the United States (unless exempt by country-specific agreements).

  • Show evidence of English proficiency

  • Show sufficient proof of living expenses from any funding source, or combination of sources, including 100 percent personal funding.

  • Show proof of adequate health insurance

  • Paid any J-1 Student Intern Fees

  • Evidence of current immigration status if currently in the United States

The Rutgers sponsoring unit/department are required to submit evaluations for each student intern and must be completed prior to the conclusion of the internship program. Internships exceeding six months require midpoint and concluding evaluations. Internships of six months or less require concluding evaluations only.

Notice of Departure
Sponsoring supervisors and student interns must notify the Center for Global Services of the student intern’s departure at the completion of the program. Failure to properly close the student intern’s program could lead to complications for his or her future visits to the United States.

Carissa McCarthy
International Student Adviser


Internship Process

Step 1: Complete and sign the Student Intern Verification Form +

Complete and sign the Student Intern Verification Form.

Step 2: Contact the prospective Rutgers professor/staff/department with whom you would like to host your internship +

Request that they help to submit your verification form and begin the J-1 student internship application.

Step 3: Receive Email to Log on to System +

You will receive an email to log on to the DS-2019 online portal to upload documents such as resume and copy of passport.

Step 4: Receive Certificate of Eligibility +

DS-2019 Certificate of Eligibility and supporting documents are mailed to you. These is necessary for your visa application.

Step 5: Pay the SEVIS fee +

Once you’ve received your DS-2019, you will need to pay a SEVIS fee to the US Department of Homeland Security. In order to pay, complete the Form I-901 along with the payment via mail or the internet. The SEVIS fee must be paid at least three business days prior to a visa interview or the filing of the change of status application in the United States. Make sure you keep your receipt.

Step 6: Apply for and receive an F-1 or J-1 student visa +

Use the DS-2019 issued by Rutgers to apply for your visa. Review these tips on applying for a student visa, then apply for a student visa from the United States consulate in your country of citizenship or country of permanent residence.

All non-immigrant visa applicants must complete Forms DS-160 (online non-immigrant visa application). You can access this  form at

Applicants will also need to appear for an in-person interview at the U.S. consulate in the their home country in English and must pay a visa application fee.

Step 7: Map Your Arrival +

Once you have received  J-1 visa, you can travel to the United States with your valid passport and your DS-2019. You should enter the United States no more than 30 days before the start date on your DS-2019. To help plan your arrival, view our online module on Mapping your Arrival to the US.

Step 8: Make your travel arrangements +

Once you have received your J-1 visa, you can travel to the US with your valid passport and your DS-2019. You can enter the United States no more than 30 days prior to the start date on your DS-2019. For more information on planning your arrival, view our online module on Mapping your Arrival to the US.

Step 9: Arrive and Check In +

Please make sure that you check in online soon after you arrive. You will log in with your email address as username, and the same password you used for accessing the online DS-2019 Request System. Also, please contact your sponsoring department/unit and the Center for Global Services to schedule an orientation meeting.