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Student Stories

Rutgers students study abroad all over the world each year. They return with exciting stories of their travels, from learning a new language to exploring their own identity in a new culture.

Study abroad can be one of the most transformative experiences of your life. But don't just take it from us—read and watch these Rutgers student stories and see for yourself.

You can also check out our blog, Confessions from (Study) Abroad, written for students, by students.


Study Abroad Student Stories

Student Transformation

Rutgers Global - Study Abroad Animated Testimonial, screen shot of stick figure head next to drawing of Glasgow newspaper

A Rutgers study abroad student and animator talks about how she turned her the boredom and loneliness of routine into a once-in-a-lifetime study abroad experience in this testimonial video.

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Student Testimonial Videos

Check out these student testimonial videos produced by Rutgers Global, where students tell all about their experiences studying abroad.

Danny Peled - University of Valencia, Spain

Claire Yang - Macquarie University, Australia

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