Rutgers Global–Study Abroad

+ Rutgers Global - Dan Waite

Dan Waite

Executive Director
+ Rutgers Global - Lauren Meregalli Ferrer

Lauren Meregalli Ferrer

+ Rutgers Global - Lauren Winogron

Lauren Winogron

Assistant Director, Semester
+ Rutgers Global - Rocio Ruiz

Rocio Ruiz

Assistant Director, Short-term and Faculty-led
+ Rutgers Global - Lloyd Pearson

Lloyd Pearson

Study Abroad Advisor / Program Coordinator
+ Rutgers Global - Patricia (Patty) Welsh

Patricia (Patty) Welsh

Study Abroad Advisor / Program Coordinator
+ Rutgers Global - Laura Gatzkiewicz

Laura Gatzkiewicz

Resident Director, Spain
+ Rutgers Global - Catherine Charlton

Catherine Charlton

Resident Director, United Kingdom & Ireland
+ Rutgers Global - Vicki Dowling

Vicki Dowling

Accounting Specialist
+ Rutgers Global - Becky (Bei) Zhou

Becky (Bei) Zhou

Accounting Assistant
+ Rutgers Global - Vallan Kantner

Vallan Kantner

Program Manager for Student Engagement & Data Management
+ Rutgers Global - Sharon Ippolito

Sharon Ippolito

Business Assistant II
+ Rutgers Global - Kara Amoratis

Kara Amoratis

Director of Global Travel, Safety & Security
+ Rutgers Global - Nicole Houser

Nicole Houser

Assistant Dean for Curriculum Internationalization