Inviting Relatives Other Than Visa Dependents as Visitors

If you wish to invite a member of your family to come to the United States on a B-2 visitor visa, you may wish to follow the steps below.  Please keep in mind the suggested procedure is for visitor applications only. It should not be used for a spouse or dependent child. Spouse and dependent children should come to the United States in a derivative status such as F-2, J-2, or H-4.

Please note that Rutgers Global does not routinely create invitation letters for those seeking B visa status. Visa wait times may be lengthy; please plan in advance. 

1. Write a letter (see template below) to the nonimmigrant visa officer in which you:

  • Indicate the expected length of the visit and a preferred arrival date
  • Indicate pertinent biographical information of the visitors [e.g., name, relationship to you, place (city and country) and date of birth]
  • If you wish to add information regarding your income as evidence of your ability to support your visitor during his or her stay in the U.S., give all appropriate information in the "Additional information/comments" section. It is a good idea to provide supporting documentation for anything you say (letter from your department indicating that you have an assistantship, bank statement, etc.)
  • Date and sign the letter

2. Request a Certification of Enrollment or obtain other certification of full-time enrollment at Rutgers from the Registrar’s Office:

RBHS students please contact the Registrar's office at your school of enrollment. 

3. New Brunswick Graduating Students Only: If your family is visiting to attend your graduation, you can request a graduation invitation letter from the Rutgers registrar:

RBHS students please contact the Registrar's office at your school of enrollment. 

The template below in combination with proof of your enrollment at Rutgers serves the same purpose as an individually typed letter. Your family should include all relevant documents in their visa application, and/or take the documents with them for the visa interview.  

Sample Letter
Students should type this letter separately and send to their family member(s)



Dear Sir/Madam:


I wish to invite the following family member(s) to visit me in the United States for a period of ___ months beginning ______________.



Date of Birth                           

City & Country of Birth                       



Additional information/comments…


Thank you very much for your consideration.





Signature of Rutgers student or scholar


Printed name of Rutgers student or scholar