Sponsoring Student Interns 

Rutgers is authorized to sponsor student interns on a J-1 visa status. The J-1 Student Intern Category is not to be confused with J-1 Students who are enrolled in a degree program at Rutgers. The J-1 Student Intern refers only to a student currently in a degree program abroad who visits Rutgers to engage in a project/research-based internship that is integral to the curriculum of the home institution's degree program to which the intern will return.

Please be sure the potential intern and the sponsor unit/department are able to meet the requirements below, before requesting to sponsoring a J-1 student intern.

Prospective Student Intern Requirements:

  • Must be a currently enrolled full-time student in the chosen career field at a degree or certificate-granting post secondary academic institution outside the U.S.
  • Must have a sufficient grasp of the English language to function on a day to day basis.
  • Must return to their academic program abroad to fulfill and obtain the degree after completion of the student internship program.
    This program is not available to students who have graduated, or will be graduating before their internship ends.
  • Must confirm the internship will fulfill the educational objectives of their current degree program.
  • Must be approved by the home institution first, if Rutgers will financially support the student in any way.
  • Must have sufficient funds to support their duration of stay support from home institution or personal/family funds. (Rutgers University requires evidence of at least $413/week for undergraduate and graduate student interns)
  • Must have a passport valid for six months beyond the end of the internship period.
  • Student must depart the U.S. within 30 days of the completion of the program.
  • Must have/will purchase health insurance that meets the requirements set by Rutgers University when before arriving in the US.

Internship Requirements:

  • Timeframe: Must be full‐time, at least 32 hours per week, as little as three weeks and at most, up to 12 months for each foreign degree or major.
  • Conditions: Internships can be paid or unpaid, and this work-based learning position must not displace U.S. workers. Must provide a structured work‐based program using a Trainee/Intern Placement Plan (DS-7002) that will reinforce the student’s academic study upon return to the home institution. 
  • Training: May not include an unskilled or casual labor position, and any position that requires or involves child care/elder care, aviation, or in clinical positions which involves patient care or contact (requiring medication, or other clinical or medical care).  The position can require no more than 20% clerical work and SEE HERE for guidance on any program activities involving physical contact between exchange visitors and human participants and/or animal subjects. Rutgers Sponsoring Units must ensure the internship placement that is developed must these criteria.

  • Location: All work must take place on-site, on Rutgers University property. No work may be performed at a third party location.

Sponsoring Unit's Responsibilities BEFORE Student's Arrival:

  • English Language: Must confirm student’s English Language ability. (English Proficiency Form is required)

  • DS-7002: Must create a work‐based program using a Trainee/Intern Placement Plan. Short-term internships (for less than four months) will generally be for one phase. The training plan will reinforce the student’s academic study upon return to the home institution. Please click here for useful tips on how to complete the DS-7002 form.

  • Commit to visitor: The primary supervisor at Rutgers is required to be in close contact with the student during the internship and should not be away from campus for an extended period.

  • Fees/Health Insurance: Must confirm student has health insurance which is equivalent to or greater than the coverage required by the University. Rutgers offers an insurance policy to meet this requirement for those J-1 visitors who do not have alternate insurance. Coordinate any related J-1 Student Intern Fees between the student and department.
  • Pre-Arrival information: Provide assistance/support regarding local housing and accommodations. Also, must arrange for the student intern to be issued a Guest ID and a NetID. Please see here for more details.


Sponsoring Unit’s Responsibilities AFTER Student’s Arrival: 

  • Mandatory Check-in: Students must check-in to Rutgers Global within 30 days of the start date of their internship. Students must use their NetID here and look for the “Student Intern Check-in Form” under “J-1 Scholar Services”. After checking in, the J-1 Advisor will reach out to meet for an orientation. If student fails to check in, the student will not be eligible to engage in the program or to legally remain in the US. If the student’s arrival is delayed and they are not able to check in within 30 days of the start date, the Rutgers Global–International Student and Scholar Services must be notified.
  • Extensions of Program: Extensions are not possible beyond the 12 month maximum set by the Department of State. If an extension request (within the 12-month limit) is made on behalf of the student, a completed evaluation must be submitted with the request for program extension along with a new DS-7002 form.

  • Evaluations: The Rutgers sponsoring unit/department is required to submit evaluations for each student intern. These evaluations must be completed prior to the conclusion of the internship program. Internships exceeding six months require midpoint and concluding evaluations. Internships of six months or less require concluding evaluations only.

  • Notice of Departure: Sponsoring supervisors and students must notify the J-1 Advisor of the student’s departure at the completion of the program. Failure to properly close the student’s program could lead to complications for future visits to the United States. 


It is very helpful to submit applications as early as possible and you are encouraged to submit the request at least  3 months before the start of the internship. This allows time for the student intern to obtain or renew a passport, if needed, and apply for a J-1 visa at a U.S. consulate.

Once the application is complete, the DS-2019 will be issued to the department within 14 business days of receiving a complete application.



Access to Online Application +

Sponsoring department will request an email to be sent to the prospective student intern must gather and complete the requested materials.

Internship Details +

Sponsoring unit will provide internship details, fees, and a completed DS-7002.

DS-7002 Review +

Rutgers Global-ISSS office will review and approve the DS-7002. Signatures will be collected by all parties.

Departmental Approvals +

Department Chair/Dean/Director will approve and pass on to Rutgers Global-ISSS staff for processing.

Complete Application +

Rutgers Global-ISSS staff issues DS-2019 and DS-7002 and notifies Sponsoring unit and the Sponsoring unit mails out the documents to the student.

Visa Application +

Rutgers Global-ISSS staff emails student details and instructions on how to apply for the J-1 visa.