Sponsoring Student Interns 

Rutgers is authorized to sponsor student interns on a J-1 status. Please be sure the potential intern and the sponsor unit/department are able meet the requirements below, before sponsoring a J-1 student intern, by submitting the Student Intern Verification Form. 

  • The internship must be project/research based in student’s field of study

  • The intern must return to their home institution after to complete their degree

  • The internship is at least of 32 hours per week, which can be paid or unpaid

  • The intern can perform clerical work, but no more than 20 percent. Internship may not involve child/elderly care, or provide therapy/medication

  • Maximum duration of internship is 12 months

  • Sponsoring professor/staff must create a Trainee/Intern Placement Plan (DS-7002)

  • The internship must not displace U.S. workers

There is no requirement for a formal exchange agreement, or MOU, to be established in order for a student intern to be placed. However, some foreign institution will require Rutgers to draft an agreement with the home institution and the student intern. Rutgers has over 300 international MOUs—and the GAIA Centers facilitate these agreements.

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Extensions of Program

Extensions are not possible beyond the 12-month maximum program participation set by the Department of State. If an extension request (within the 12-month limit) is made on behalf of the student intern, a completed evaluation must be submitted with the request for program extension along with a new DS-7002 form.


The Rutgers sponsoring unit/department are required to submit evaluations for each student intern and must be completed prior to the conclusion of the internship program. Internships exceeding six months require midpoint and concluding evaluations. Internships of six months or less require concluding evaluations only.

Notice of Departure

Sponsoring supervisors and student interns must notify the Center for Global Services of the student intern’s departure at the completion of the program. Failure to properly close the student intern’s program could lead to complications for his or her future visits to the United States.

For more information, contact international student adviser Carissa McCarthy at the Center for Global Services. 

Additional Information

Step 1 +

Email the completed Student Intern Verification Form to international student adviser Carissa McCarthy at the Center for Global Services at carissam@global.rutgers.edu. Once you receive notification from the Center for Global Services that the student intern has been approved, go to Step 2. 

Step 2 +

Once you have received notification from the Center for Global Services that the student intern has been approved, issue an invitation letter to the student intern. 

Step 3 +

Access the online DS-2019 request program. If you need access to this portal, please contact Gina Antonatos at gantonatos@global.rutgers.edu

Step 4 +

After you have entered the intern's email address, the student intern will receive an automatic notification to login and upload documents such as a passport copy, resume, and more. 

Step 5 +

Coordinate with the Center for Global Services to complete the process.

Step 6 +

Stay in touch with the student intern throughout the process and keep the Center for Global Services informed of the student intern's arrival date. The student intern may arrive up to 30 prior to the program start date, but must not arrive more than 30 days after the program start date.

Step 7 +

Assist the student intern with the Center for Global Services' check-in process if necessary and ensure that program objectives are being followed