Bringing the world together at Rutgers

Internationalizing the campus experience

Rutgers Global–Programs works closely with campuses, schools, and units to support faculty research and scholarship. We develop activities that internationalize the campus, enhancing the global competency of the Rutgers community. With a focus on strong relationships, we also facilitate international partnerships and delegations.

Rutgers Global, through the programs office, offers several different funding opportunities open to units across the university aimed at internationalizing the campus experience, including the Biennial Theme grants. The center also administers the GAIA Grants, another funding avenue, which provide faculty the opportunity to pursue internationally focused instruction and research.

Rutgers Global–Programs advance international research by providing assistance and immigration processing for incoming sponsored students and scholars, such as those who come to Rutgers through the Mandela Washington Fellowship.

Rutgers has nearly 400 international MOUs—and Rutgers Global–Partnerships facilitate these agreements. These partnerships often lead to on-site visits from international delegations, and we can coordinate such visitor requests. You may choose to visit our archived Center for Global Programs and Relations website.

A World of Possibilities

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