Applying to the Peace Corps

Your application is the first step toward the experience of a lifetime. Once you have selected the right Peace Corps program for you, covered your options and ensured you meet the specific program requirements with a recruiter, and discussed with family, friends, and coworkers your decision to embark on a Peace Corps volunteer program, it's time to apply.

Application Process

Step 1: Select a Peace Corps program +

Search current openings and apply to the one that best suits your skills and interest, or apply to where you are needed most and we’ll select the position that best suits your skills. Please: we strongly recommend that you discuss your options with our Rutgers Peace Corps recruiter before applying. Please see our page, Selecting a Peace Corps Program, for additional information.

Step 2: Apply +

You can only have one active Peace Corps Volunteer application. Filling out the application is fast and easy. You have one hour to complete the application.

Step 3: Provide health history +

Provide your health history and learn which countries can support your medical needs. There are some medical conditions that typically are not supported in Peace Corps service. Review the important medical information for applicants.

Step 4: Interview +

If selected, you will be asked to confirm and participate in an interview via videconference.

Step 5: Accept your invitation +

If after the interview you are selected to serve in the Peace Corps, you will receive an invitation. Accept this invitation to solidify your commitment.

Step 6: Get medical and legal clearance +

Provide additional medical and legal information. The Peace Corps medical team will certify that medical support for your specific needs can be provided.

Step 7: Onboarding +

Two months prior to service, complete the online documentation required for departure. 

Step 8: Departure +

Embark on your Peace Corps service assignment.