Sponsoring H-1B Employees

Beginning July 1, 2020 all H-1B requests must be submitted through Sunapsis. 

To learn more about the H-1B Temporary Employment Visa please click here.

The H-1B visa request can only be initiated by the sponsoring unit: once the appointment letter and employment is confirmed the department would need to communicate with Rutgers Global–International Student and Scholar Services to start the request.

Processing Information

Sunapsis Petition Request +

If you need administrative access to Sunapsis please contact International Faculty and Scholar Services.

  • Log into Sunapsis to start the H-1B request.
  • To create a record, choose “Add a New Person”, BUT If you believe the foreign national already has a record in Sunapsis, i.e., in the J-1/ F-1 category, please contact our office* 
  • Select “H-1B Application” in the Departmental Services section. Use the foreign national’s RCPID and birthdate to start their record *If you cannot find their RCPID, please contact our office for assistance.*  
  • After confirming the foreign national’s RCPID and birthdate, complete the “Pre-Screening Questionnaire”. Once the pre-screening is approved, the department and the foreign national will need to complete the remaining sections of the H-1B application request.
  • An adviser will review and process the H-1B application and create the petition which will be sent to USCIS for processing. The internal process can take up to four weeks. Once the petition has been reviewed by the sponsoring department and foreign national. Once our office has prepared the petition we will then mail the relevant forms and supporting documents to USCIS.
  • It usually takes  a few months for the USCIS  to adjudicate the H1B petition. We will notify you of USCIS’  decision and, if approved, with the start date and period of authorized employment for the foreign national.  
  • When Premium Processing is an option and has been requested (for an additional fee), USCIS guarantees to review the petition within 15 calendar days of receipt. Premium Processing fees must only be paid by the department unless informed otherwise by our office. 
  • Once the approval notice for Consular Processing is received by our office, the department will need to send the approval notice to the foreign national (RBHS--we will send a complete copy of the petition packet, along with our cover letter and the Approval Notice, to the FN abroad, which they will then use in their pursuit of an H1B visa. Copies of the letter and Approval Notice will also be forwarded to the academic department and Human Resources.) so that they may apply for the visa. Make a copy and instruct the foreign national to return the original copy to the Rutgers Global–International Student and Scholar Services once they have arrived at Rutgers. 
  • For all other purposes, the approval notice will be available upon request if needed, i.e. for driver’s license renewal or applying for a new H-1B Visa.
  • The foreign national must complete a mandatory check-in and orientation by our office once they have arrived on campus, even if they have come from another institution within the United States.

Estimated Processing Time +

The estimated internal processing time is 3-4 weeks, providing the application packet is complete upon submission to our office. A complete application will include: all required forms, completed and signed, if applicable; all required supporting documents as listed within the application packet; internal processing fees paid via journal entry and reported via the Transmittal Form; checks payable to the USCIS. (If the application is complete.

Once IFSA receives the application, our process is as follows:

  • Review documents and communicate with department if there are any questions, concerns or missing items
  • Submit Labor Condition Application to Department of Labor
  • Process I-129, I-907 (if PP), and other government forms
  • Send completed I-129 and certified LCA to the department and Foreign National for their review. (RBHS does not presently do this; we mail the petition to the USCIS when it is ready)
  • (Expedite request is available)

Fees +

Rutgers Visa Processing Fees

  • Initial Requests
    • $1,000 for 1-year
    • $1,550 for 2-years
    • $2,000 for 3-years
  • Amendments/Extensions: 
    • $750 (regardless of extension length)  
  • Expedite Fee: 
    • $300 (Plus base pricing)

Late Fees

If processing times are after the recommended processing times, you may be required to pay a late processing fee. Please refer to this link for time requirements: Late Fee Schedule


  • $460 Fee for Form I-129 (must be paid by hiring unit under all circumstances) 
  • $500 “Anti-Fraud” Fee (must be paid by hiring unit for all new petitions, i.e. all new H1B cases with Rutgers) 
  • $370 Required ONLY IF I-539 is being submitted for dependents (This fee may be paid by hiring unit or beneficiary) $85 Biometrics fee required for each dependent included on the Form I-539. 
  • $2500 Optional Premium Processing (PP) fee (must be paid by dept. unless needed strictly for beneficiary’s personal reasons. If the H1B beneficiary pays this fee, a written statement must be submitted to ISSS confirming that the PP fee is paid by the H1B beneficiary because the request is for his/her personal benefit.)