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Sponsoring Faculty

Rutgers is authorized to employ international faculty and scholars under H-1B status. The sponsoring Rutgers department needs to follow the step below to ensure a smooth hiring process:  

Steps to Sponsoring Faculty

Step 1 +

Complete a preliminary questionnaire and send to Rutgers Global–International Student and Scholar Services to begin the H-1B sponsorship. We will review your responses to the questionnaire within a few days.

Step 2 +

If approved, you will receive an H-1B packet from Ruimin Zhang with a set of forms and instructions for you and the foreign national to complete and send back to us.

Note: If you are within RBHS, you will receive instructions to log in and download this packet. Any questions can be answered by Lorraine Luciano-McKeon (for RBHS). 

Step 3 +

We will review and process your request to initiate the H-1B process with USCIS. The internal process can take at least four weeks. Once ready, we will mail the relevant forms and supporting documents to USCIS.

Step 4 +

After six to eight months, USCIS will send a decision to us; we will notify you of the decision, and if approved, with the start dates and for how long the foreign national can work.

Premium Processing is an option which can take up to 14 days. If interested in Premium Processing please refer to the I-907 form

Step 5 +

Send the approval notice to the foreign national so that they may apply for the visa. Make a copy and instruct the foreign national to return the original copy to the Rutgers Global–International Student and Scholar Services once they come to Rutgers.

Step 6 +

The foreign national needs to complete a mandatory check-in and orientation once they have arrived on campus, even if they have come from another institution within the United States.