Sponsoring H-1B Employees

Rutgers has very clearly delineated policies regarding the types of positions it will sponsor for H-1B status. Eligible job titles are outlined in the Rutgers University Policy on Employing Foreign Nationals.  

To learn more about the H-1B Temporary Employment Visa, please click here.  

Processing Information

Sunapsis Petition Request +

To create a record, choose “Add a New Person”, BUT If you believe the foreign national already has a record in Sunapsis, i.e., in the J-1/ F-1 category, please contact us at isss-facultyscholars@global.rutgers.edu.

USCIS processing time can vary with some petitions taking as long as 8+ months. We will notify you of USCIS’ decision and, if approved, with the start date and period of authorized employment for the foreign national.

  • Change of Employer: An individual who is changing employers within the U.S. may commence employment upon delivery of the H-1B receipt notice.

  • H-1B Extension: An individual seeking an extension of H-1B status may continue working for up to 240 days beyond their current H-1B expiration date while the extension request is pending with USCIS.

  • Consular Processing: If the prospective employee is outside of the U.S., they must generally apply for and obtain an H-1B visa before entering the U.S. to begin employment. (Canadian citizens are visa exempt.) This can take several weeks. Please factor this into the start date.

Job Changes, Terminations, and Resignations +

The hiring department is required to inform ISSS of any changes to the employee's job title, job description, work location, or department assignment prior to the change taking effect. In most cases, an amendment must be filed with USCIS before the change can take effect.  

Additionally, any terminations or resignations must also be reported to ISSS. If employment is terminated by Rutgers prior to the expiration date of the H-1B approval, the hiring department is required by law to offer to cover reasonable travel expenses for the applicant to return to his/her last country of residence.

Estimated Processing Time +

Please click here for more information on processing times and recommended dates of submission.  

Processing cannot commence until a complete application is submitted. A complete application will include: all required e-forms in Sunapsis; all approvals in Sunapsis; all required supporting documents; and internal processing fees paid via journal entry.

Fees +

Rutgers Visa Processing Fees

  • Initial Requests
    • $1,000 for 1-year
    • $1,550 for 2-years
    • $2,000 for 3-years
  • Amendments/Extensions: 
    • $750 (regardless of extension length)  
  • Expedite Fee: 
    • $300 (Plus base pricing)

Late Fees

Please refer to the following link for late fee information - Late Fee Schedule


  • Form I-129 Base Filing Fee - $460 (must be paid by hiring unit under all circumstances) 
  • Fraud Prevention & Detection Fee - $500 (must be paid by hiring unit for all new petitions, i.e. all new H-1B cases with Rutgers) 
  • Premium Processing Fee (Optional) - $2,805 (must be paid by sponsoring unit unless needed strictly for beneficiary’s personal reasons. If the H1B beneficiary pays this fee, a written statement must be submitted to ISSS confirming that the PP fee is paid by the H1B beneficiary because the request is for his/her personal benefit.)
  • Form I-539 Filing Fee (for H-4 Dependents) - $470 (ONLY IF I-539 is being submitted for dependents. This fee may be paid by hiring unit or beneficiary)