For Partners and Visitors

Visiting Rutgers

We welcome hosting international delegation visits on campus. If your delegation would like to schedule a meeting, we encourage you to fill out our Visitor Request Form

Partnering with Rutgers

All international agreements need to be initiated by a Rutgers faculty or staff member, or a Rutgers unit, who supports the proposal. If your institution does not have an official relationship with Rutgers, you might consider approaching a Rutgers faculty member in your field of study to initiate discussions around potential collaboration.

Once initial discussions have outlined potential activities for collaboration, a formal agreement may be required. The Rutgers faculty member should then contact Rutgers Global-Partnerships to discuss the potential partnership and steps necessary to create a formal agreement. 

New Resource for International Collaborations

Please visit the International Collaboration in Research and Other Activities portal that provides a range of tools and information to help faculty and staff navigate the challenges of working internationally.