For information regarding Covid-19, please visit the main university website and the Rutgers Global Alerts page.  Learn about online global study and internship opportunities here.


Interested in finding a work or internship opportunity during or following your studies? Learn more about eligibility and application procedures to ensure you have the necessary work authorization before starting any employment. See our employment workshops schedule (please note to arrive to each workshop on time).

On-Campus Employment >
F-1 and J-1 international students may work on-campus during their studies. Learn more about this on-campus work authorization and how to acquire the documents you need to get to work on-campus.

Practical Training for F-1 Students >
F-1 international students may participate in off-campus practical training to acquire additional experience in their field of study. You'll learn more about Curricular Practical Training (CPT)Optional Practical Training (OPT), and OPT STEM Extension here.

Academic Training for J-1 Students >
J-1 international students may participate in off-campus academic training to acquire additional experience in their field of study.

Unpaid Internships and Volunteering >
Volunteering is an important part of American culture. Before participating in a volunteer experience, ensure you know the difference between unpaid work requiring work authorization and community service.

Economic Hardship Employment >
In some cases, students who can document severe economic hardship caused by circumstances beyond your control may be eligible for permission to work off campus.

Unauthorized Employment >
Unauthorized employment examples and consequences of unauthorized employment. 

For job search tips and resources, please visit University Career Services International Student Resources.