Study Abroad Policies

All program participants will be held to a unified list of expectations for participation in a Rutgers Global study abroad program. After you have been accepted to a study abroad program and paid the required deposit, you are considered an enrolled participant in that program and will therefore be held to the terms and conditions of all policies that are a part of the study abroad application and post-decision process. 

*Participation Agreement for 2020 Online Programs

ROSE Program Important Documents

Participation Agreement +

The following agreement holds all program participants to a unified list of expectations for student participation in a Rutgers Global study abroad program. Once enrolled, all students, regardless of their home institution, are considered Rutgers students.

View the full Participation Agreement here.

*Participation Agreement for 2020 Online Programs

Withdrawal Policy +

After you have been accepted to a study abroad program and paid the required deposit, you are considered an enrolled participant in that program. By making such payment you are expressing your intention to participate in the program, you are acknowledging that the deposit is non-refundable, and you are recognizing that you will be held responsible for some or all of the full program fee, even if ultimately you do not participate in the program, depending on when you formally withdraw from the program.

If you are considering withdrawing from a study abroad program for which you have already paid a program deposit, please review this policy and take the following steps:

1. Speak with Rutgers Global–Study Abroad, specifically your study abroad adviser. We may be able to help you find a way to still participate, even if withdrawing seems inevitable.

2. Review the withdrawal timelines and financial obligations below. Remember: program deposits are non-refundable.

3. If, after speaking with Rutgers Global–Study Abroad, you still intend to withdraw, you must fill out and sign the Withdrawal Form.

Withdrawals are not considered official and valid until a completed WITHDRAWAL FORM is received. Withdrawals will be effective on the date we receive your email with the Withdrawal Form attached.

Rutgers Global - Withdrawal Schedule Updated

Cancellation Policy +

Should a program cancellation become necessary after you have arrived overseas, our refund policy is that every effort will be made to refund recoverable costs to the participants. Additionally, Rutgers Global–Study Abroad will make every effort to help you complete the academic work from the program and, depending on the circumstances, possibly earn the intended academic credit from the program. Whether or not this is possible depends largely on the particular program, the circumstances of the academic work of the program, and the length of time remaining in the program after the official cancellation date.

Should a program cancellation become necessary for reasons other than safety, including under-enrollment, Rutgers Global–Study Abroad will make every effort to refund recoverable program costs to the participants. Unrecoverable program expenses (e.g., airline deposits, excursion expenses, housing fees or reservation deposits) cannot be refunded.

Because full refunds are often not possible, you may wish to consider purchasing trip cancellation insurance that can be obtained through many travel agents or insurance companies. Policies vary on what triggers trip cancellation, so you should check with travel insurance providers for more details.

The Office of Financial Aid will review program cancellations on a case-by-case basis for students who are receiving financial aid.

*A Special Note about COVID-19 and Upcoming Programs

Cancellations by RGSA: In the event that Rutgers Global–Study Abroad (RGSA) cancels a summer program, you will be refunded your paid RGSA deposit. 
Note: Students who choose to cancel their own participation see below.

Special note about Flight and Travel Insurance: Rutgers Global–Study Abroad will notify students when it is appropriate to purchase flights (and will not do so until it is confirmed that a program is running). At this point, no summer program has been instructed to purchase flights. Once you are given the green light, all flight reservations should be made with the consideration of travel insurance. This cannot not be refunded by RGSA should a cancellation occur. Please research travel insurance before you purchase your ticket and confirm it will cover cancellation or change of plans due to COVID-19 or any other reason.

Cancellations or Withdrawal by Students: In the event that you make the personal choice to withdraw and your program is not cancelled by RGSA or the University, no refunds will be given and you will be subject to the current withdrawal policy and financial timeline outlined on our website.