Expanding the University’s Education and Research in and about China

Rutgers ties to China are growing

  • More faculty members engaged in research collaboration with Chinese colleagues
  • More Rutgers students choosing to study in and about China
  • More Chinese students applying to Rutgers

The Rutgers Global–China Office was established to shape the direction of high-quality education, research, and service engagements with and about China. In 2017, the office:

  • Proudly offers scholarships to international students who wish to study in China
  • Supports long-standing partnerships with Chinese universities
  • Offers short term specialized programs for international students and English-language teachers


Have the Experience of a Lifetime as you Gain Global Perspectives.

Rutgers Global – Rutgers Around the World, Episode 5, In Focus: China, Rutgers faculty, staff and students pose on the great wall of China

In Focus: About Rutgers and China

More than 40 years ago, Rutgers entered into an academic partnership with Jilin University in China, establishing a healthy exchange that endures today.

A World of Possibilities

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