Message from the Senior International Officer Eric Garfunkel

Welcome to Rutgers Global.

Rutgers Global is the university-wide office devoted to comprehensive internationalization for our students, faculty, and staff. We create resources and opportunities to enhance our global engagement at home and abroad. Ultimately, we are committed to preparing our students for global challenges and opportunities by providing them with the tools necessary to develop cultural competencies and lead in the interconnected world in which we live. 

Rutgers Global believes in and promotes diversity, equity and inclusion on both local and global levels, and we continuously seek ways to strengthen a sense of belonging at Rutgers for all members of our beloved community. We strive to break down barriers by developing cross-cultural programming that promotes global awareness and engagement efforts among Rutgers’ many international and domestic members and our diverse surrounding communities.

Rutgers Global is dedicated to providing access to global education for all students, providing more than 100 study and service-learning abroad programs around the world, ranging from a few weeks to a full academic year. Our “Global Learning for All” initiative includes glocal (global/local), experiential, virtual, and hybrid programming, as well as internships for students. With many scholarship options as well as our Access the World initiative, we work to ensure that global education is an affordable and meaningful option for every Rutgers student.

With a long history of international connections, Rutgers hosts over 9,000 international students and scholars every year. Rutgers Global supports our international students and scholars, helping them navigate and demystify the often shifting and confusing terrain of immigration regulations and policies. We also offer innovative academic, personal, and other support to help ensure the success of our international students and scholars. 

Finally, while the challenges regarding student mobility and international education have been exacerbated by the global pandemic and political tensions, we retain strong ties with hundreds of partners throughout the world. We build and maintain strong partnerships with universities and institutes abroad, and welcome the exchange of knowledge, technology, research, and cross-cultural dialogue. 

We at Rutgers Global continue to partner with our academic and administrative units to serve as advocates for breaking down barriers and building strong ties via education, communication, and academic diplomacy.

Eric Garfunkel
Vice President for Global Affairs
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey