Make a Gift to Rutgers Global and Impact the World

A gift to Rutgers Global makes a world of difference for students and faculty who are making international connections and solving pressing issues across the globe. There are many ways to support the varied programming of Rutgers Global. Here are five key areas where your gift can make a transformative difference.

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Study Abroad Refugees and Migrants Professors without Borders


Create study abroad scholarships

•    Transform students’ minds by enabling them to perform service learning abroad 
•    Fund a student who has never traveled outside of the U.S. by enabling her to study abroad for several weeks or a semester
•    Endow a scholarship for Rutgers students to study in a specific country or in a particular field, such as health, agriculture, or engineering

Fund international student scholarships

•    Help globalize Rutgers by offering scholarships to exceptional students from abroad
•    Enable a high-achieving student from the developing world to obtain a graduate degree at Rutgers

Support international student programs at Rutgers

•    Help build substantial academic coaching and peer mentoring programs for our 9,000 international students to ensure academic success
•    Create programs to help international students integrate successfully into the Rutgers social ecosystem, such as personal advising and support and enhanced cultural activities programs

Help Refugees and Migrants

•    Support Rutgers students and faculty who engage in meaningful education in migrant and refugee communities abroad for the millions of school age youth that have no educational opportunity 
•    Grow Rutgers faculty-led research focused on understanding the causes, modalities, and solutions, as well as the political challenges, to the global refugee and migration crises 

Support Professors without Borders
•    Help send small groups of Rutgers faculty abroad to lead intensive 2-3 week short courses with the goal of growing and professionalizing specific regional workforces 
•    Support Rutgers University’s partnerships with universities, government institutions, and NGOs with the goal of enhancing regional self-reliance, and solving local development goals in health, education, and civil society
•    Create opportunities for faculty to initiate new joint research programs in health, STEM, agriculture, entrepreneurship, and social science