SDG 10. Reduced Inequalities - Undergraduate Courses


The Politics of Inequality (Honors Seminar) (50:525:153)
Department of Political Science, Rutgers–Camden College of Arts and Sciences

This course examines the causes of inequality in the modern world and the political consequences of current trends in the United States, locally, and globally. The course also explores race, gender, globalization, and educational opportunities as chief variables in the persistence of inequality, but we will also ask about who stands to win and lose from the status quo.


Topical Issues in Sociology: Civil Resistance and Social Justice (21:920:393)
Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Rutgers–Newark College of Arts and Sciences

This course examines the theory and practice of nonviolent resistance in struggles for social justice, with topics including struggles for housing, struggles against war and militarism, student activism, immigrant rights, environmental justice, Occupy Wall Street, Black Lives Matter, and the LGBT movement.


Inequality (01:220:120)
Department of Economics, School of Arts and Sciences

This four-credit course covers economic and political explanations for the growth in U.S. income inequality since the 1970s; measurement of inequality; comparisons with other countries and with earlier eras in the U.S.; explanatory roles of discrimination, immigration, globalization, superstar and winner-take-all markets, party politics, and differences between rich and poor in voting power, political voice, and political participation; and perspectives from other social and behavioral science disciplines.

Reduce inequalities in and among countries