SDG 5. Gender Equality - Study Abroad


Spring embedded
Media and Struggles for Democracy in Central America
This 10-day travel course takes students to Guatemala to learn about the role of media in historic and contemporary struggles for democracy. Students will visit the bustling capital of Guatemala City; the 16th century colonial town of Antigua (a UNESCO World Heritage site), the lakeside town of Panajachel, and several Mayan villages. Students will meet journalists, human rights activists, Indigenous rights associations, women’s collectives and other community groups, and students will visit news agencies, community radio and TV stations, the office of the country’s first and only feminist magazine and radio station, museums, and historic sites. Through readings, films, lectures, and site visits, students will learn about the regional effects of colonization, U.S. military intervention, and neoliberal economic policies in Guatemala and neighboring Central American countries, as well as local struggles for political autonomy, human rights, and democracy.

Community Service in South Africa (offered by Rutgers–Camden)
Students will visit NGO's, schools, and key cultural sites, and meet with teachers, students, and community leaders in South Africa to participate in community service and engage in dialogue and shared experience on topics of racism and poverty, urban revitalization, global and regional development, and environmental degradation while focusing on the role that women have played.    

Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls