SDG 17. Partnerships for the Goals - Study Abroad


United Nations Study Program
This intensive three-week, three-credit program offers a unique opportunity for students to explore major global issues with experts from Rutgers, the United Nations, and local NGOs.  The program focuses on the core mission of the United Nations, including its pillars of global peace and security, human rights, and development, as well as its role in addressing global problems like climate change and food security. This program is open to both domestic and international students.

Students in the program will explore and experience the inner workings of the United Nations and will learn about the UN system and its multilateral approaches to problem solving.  In addition, students will gain knowledge about international challenges and confidence in interacting with people from a variety of cultural backgrounds.The program is designed for students interested in careers such as law, international relations, public policy, government, and diplomacy, or subjects such as political science, history, global studies, international development studies, language studies, global health, women’s and gender studies, anthropology, law, public affairs as well as those interested in pursuing professional degrees in social work, nursing, communications and more.

Strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development