SDG 1. No Poverty - Study Abroad


Health and Healing in Bolivia (offered by Rutgers–Camden)
This two-week service learning, language immersion experience, is part of an on-campus summer course at Rutgers–Camden. Students will experience several sustainable projects that help to address and overcome public health problems interrelated with education, gender violence, health services, and poverty in Chilimarca, Bolivia, a rural community on the outskirts of Cochabama, Bolivia.



Spring embedded
Community Service in South Africa (offered by Rutgers–Camden)
For two weeks, students will visit NGOs, schools, and key cultural sites, and meet with teachers, students, and community leaders in South Africa to participate in community service and engage in dialogue and shared experience on topics of racism and poverty, urban revitalization, global and regional development, and environmental degradation while focusing on the role that women have played.    


CIEE: Cape Town Service Learning (offered by third-party study abroad provider)
This program is based on five main components: a social research methods course; a course focusing on poverty and development in South Africa; a community development project in a local NGO, school, or other service organization; an academic service-learning capstone project; and language training (Xhosa or Afrikaans) as appropriate to the community that you’re serving. The program intends to meet the needs of local communities, helping foster civic responsibility while engaging students in a rigorous academic program of social research methodology, language study, and development studies.


End poverty in all its forms everywhere