SDG 13. Climate Action - Student Groups


Association of International Relations
The Association of International Relations promotes and works toward the United Nations SDGs, which include diminishing inequality globally, fighting for renewable energy, and volunteering with the world's refugees.

Student Association of Global Affairs
The purpose of the Student Association of Global Affairs (SAGA) is to enhance the learning environment for graduate students by facilitating and promoting communication and cooperation among and between Global Affairs graduate students, the Division of Global Affairs (DGA), faculty and staff affiliated with DGA, the greater Rutgers University academic community, and practitioners in the field. This group brings awareness and change to the many global issues that face our community and society. By acting as young leaders for change we will be able to inspire the same actions within DGA students and throughout the Rutgers community.



Students for Environmental and Energy Development
Students for Environmental and Energy Development (SEED) is focused on exploring, learning, and applying sustainable scientific and technological solutions to the environment/energy problems faced by society today.

Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts