SDG 5. Gender Equality - Faculty Activities and Centers


Kusum Mundra
Professor, Department of Economics

Rutgers–Newark College of Arts and Sciences
Kusum Mundra’s research interests are applied econometrics, immigration and international migration, gender and minority populations, and terrorism and conflict. Her current research includes gender pay gap in the United States among others. Her research has been published in various economic journals.


Ousseina Alidou
Professor, Department of African, Middle Eastern, and South Asian Languages and Literatures

School of Arts and Sciences
Professor, Department of African American and African Studies (Rutgers–Newark)

Ousseina Alidou is an African scholar and a theoretical linguist whose research focuses mainly on the study of women’s orality and literacy practices in African Muslim societies, African Muslim women’s agency and gender justice, African women’s literatures, gendered discourses of identity, and the politics of cultural production in African Muslim societies.  

Radhika Balakrishnan
Faculty Director, Center for Women’s Global Leadership
Professor, Department of Women’s and Gender Studies
School of Arts and Sciences

Radhika Balakrishnan is the chair of the Board of the U.S. Human Rights Network and on the Board of the Center for Constitutional Rights and the International Association for Feminist Economics. Balakrishnan's work focuses on gender and development, gender and the global economy, human rights and economic and social rights. Her research and advocacy work has sought to change the lens through which macroeconomic policy is interpreted and critiqued by applying international human rights norms to assess macroeconomic policy.

Charlotte Bunch
Founding Director and Senior Scholar, Center for Women’s Global Leadership
Board of Governor’s Distinguished Service Professor, Women’s and Gender Studies
School of Arts and Sciences

Charlotte Bunch’s work focuses on the application of feminist theory to public policy questions, particularly at the global level. Her current research focuses on developing an analysis and understanding of human rights that incorporates women's lives more fully and utilizes the question of violence against women as a way of exploring the parameters of their issues both theoretically and practically. Her other public policy work has focused on issues of gender and international development.

Abena Busia
Professor, Department of English
Professor and Chair, Department of Women’s and Gender Studies
School of Arts and Sciences

Abena Busia’s research interests are focused on African American and African diaspora literature, postcolonial studies, black feminisms, and cultural studies. She is co-director and co-editor of the groundbreaking Women Writing Africa Project, a multi-volume anthology; she is also associate editor of two of its volumes. Busia is also the co-editor of Theorizing Black Feminisms (1993) as well as many articles and book chapters on topics including black women's writing, black feminist criticism, and African literature.

Dorothy Hodgson  
Professor, Department of Anthropology, School of Arts and Sciences
Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, School of Graduate Studies

As a historical anthropologist, Dorothy Hodgson has worked in Tanzania, East Africa, for over thirty years on such topics as gender, ethnicity, cultural politics, colonialism, nationalism, modernity, the missionary encounter, transnational organizing, and the indigenous rights movement.

Felix Muchomba
Assistant Professor
School of Social Work

Felix Muchomba’s research examines how social institutions and policies reinforce or mitigate gender inequalities. Under this research agenda, Muchomba has examined issues that are pertinent to eastern Africa and other developing societies, such as malnutrition and HIV/AIDS.

Yana Rodgers
Professor, Women’s and Gender Studies
School of Arts and Sciences
Yana Rodgers’ research focuses on examining the well-being of women and children in Indonesia. She examines the relationship between Indonesian women’s employment and the nutritional status of their children. She has published numerous articles and books related to feminist economics.  

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