SDG 12. Responsible Consumption and Production - Faculty Activities and Centers


Kevin Lyons
Associate Professor of Professional Practice, Supply Chain Management
Rutgers Business School–Newark and New Brunswick

Kevin Lyons conducts research on developing and integrating global environmental, social, economic, ethical criteria, and data into supply chain/procurement systems and processes. His research work includes the environmental and economic impacts on raw material extraction, logistics, manufacturing, consumption, consumer of multiple products and services research, designing and implementing local, national and international environmental economic development systems, waste-to-energy systems and environmental and sustainable social policy, and financial impact forecasting.   

Deborah Greenwood
Director, Newark Environmental Sustainability Institute

Deborah Greenwood’s areas of interest are the social and environmental impacts of sustainable food production systems. She also serves as director of the Newark Environmental and Sustainability Institute, which promotes broad sustainability initiatives that address issues of primary importance within communities in the greater Newark region.   


Rachael Shwom
Associate Professor, Department of Human Ecology
School of Environmental and Biological Sciences

Rachel Shwom’s research focuses on how production and consumption systems have and can change to mitigate and adapt to the risks; realities of environmental change, particularly climate change.

Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns