Rutgers Connects with Alumni in Singapore

Singapore alumni reception group photo
Thursday, April 27th

A delegation from Rutgers University, including Vice President for Global Affairs Rick Garfunkel and Assistant Vice President for Global Affairs Ji-Yeung Jang, traveled to Singapore to engage with Rutgers alumni and deepen partnerships in the region. Here are photos and a video from the alumni reception.

The alumni reception, hosted by Rutgers Global with the Rutgers Alumni Association, Rutgers Business School, and Rutgers Business Asia Pacific, attracted to the Carlton City Hotel more than thirty alumni, half of whom were local Singaporeans and half foreign professionals working in Singapore.

The event opened with video greetings from President Jonathan Holloway and Dean Lei Lei of Rutgers Business School, and then presentations by Rick Garfunkel and Ji-Yeung Jang on the current state of the University as well as future plans. A running theme through all the presentations was that Rutgers’ robust international alumni community is one of University’s greatest strengths. 

The majority of the attendees were graduates of Rutgers Business School Asia Pacific Executive MBA (eMBA) program. Assistant Dean for Global Initiatives Steven Henin, who helped organize the event, remarked, “Though many of these alumni completed their degree in Singapore rather that in New Jersey, they still felt a deep connection to Rutgers University. And the alums who had completed their degree on campus in New Jersey but had returned to Singapore were also excited to reconnect with their fellow Rutgers alums at the reception.”

Mathew Varghese, who graduated from the Rutgers eMBA program in 2009 and currently works at technology giant Cisco as CTO Investments and M&A (APJC), shared his experiences with the audience on how Rutgers played a critical role in his career growth and success. He highlighted the importance of keeping connected to Rutgers faculty and experts in order to stay on top of the latest trends and innovations around the world. Mathew explained how he participated in mini-courses and lectures at the Rutgers Singapore Office to continue to hone his professional knowledge and expertise. “I urge all Rutgers alumni to be aware of these opportunities for growth—it’s such a great boon for your career,” he remarked.

Hyejin Kim, who graduated from Rutgers School of Graduate Studies with a PhD in 2007 and is now at National University of Singapore as a Senior Lecturer and Founding Convenor of Global Studies, said, “Attending the event, I was struck by the international reach of our university. We have quite a presence in Asia. I hope these events continue so that alumni and the university can build further global connections.”

The alumni reception in Singapore follows a recent gathering in Taiwan and highlights the ongoing commitment of Rutgers University to deeply engage with our international alumni community all over the world. 

Professor Farrokh Langdana, Executive MBA Program Director and Academic Director for Singapore, said, “I have been perpetually impressed by our Executive MBAs. Not only do they master some very intense and challenging material in class, but they also have demanding jobs, family obligations, and most of them travel extensively during each course. By the final exam, and in spite of all these demands on their time, they become subject matter experts!” He added, “In our Rutgers eMBA Powerhouse language, I would say they have huge engine rooms. We look forward to organizing more engaging activities and continue to Power up this Powerhouse in Asia.”

Wendy Ng, Director of Singapore Rutgers Business School Asia Pacific, added, “It’s encouraging to see alumni who have graduated far back in the 1990s and recent graduates getting together at the alumni reception, as a big Rutgers Family in Singapore. We see our Singapore office as a hub connecting all Rutgers students and alumni in this part of the world.”

The Rutgers Singapore office is poised to cultivate both current and emerging opportunities in the region, including partnerships with local universities, research collaborations, internship opportunities, and continued alumni support.

During the trip, the Rutgers delegation also visited with current and potential partners, including Nanyang Technological University, with whom the university has had a formal partnership since 2013, as well as National University of Singapore and Singapore Management University. Here are some photos from the visits.

Rick Garfunkel noted, “Rutgers University's commitment to engaging with its alumni is a testament to its dedication to its graduates' success, regardless of where they are in the world. Through events like these, Rutgers maintains strong relationships with its alumni and provides them with opportunities to further their education, network, and advance in their careers. Rutgers values its international alumni and is committed to providing them the resources they need to succeed.”