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Rutgers Overseas Semester Experience (ROSE)



Rutgers University is pleased to offer the ROSE Initiative (Rutgers Overseas Semester Experience), a program designed for first-year undergraduate students from China who are unable to come to the United States to attend Rutgers in the fall of 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The ROSE program offers Chinese students the opportunity to experience their first semester of Rutgers at a partner university campus in China. Due to concerns of COVID-19 as well as partner capacity, three locations with Chinese universities were finalized to mitigate these challenges: Beijing, Guangzhou, and Shanghai. 

The ROSE program is a voluntary option for newly admitted students in lieu of beginning a Rutgers semester fully online or deferring admission. 

How the ROSE Program Works 

ROSE consists of a combination of Rutgers in-person classes at a leading Chinese partner university campus taught by Chinese or American professors and instructors coupled with online coursework taught by Rutgers professors. ROSE allows students to interact with classmates in China, New Jersey and around the world to create a unified Rutgers community. With both in-person and online classes, students are accessing the same materials and syllabi that are used on the Rutgers campuses in New Jersey. 

By participating in the ROSE program, students remain  registered and enrolled as Rutgers University students. The coursework completed will appear on a Rutgers transcript, helping to ensure that students make timely progress toward their degrees. Students taking part in the ROSE program also have access to Rutgers academic and student affairs resources to actively support them during the Fall 2020 semester and help them transition to New Jersey once restrictions related to the pandemic ease. 

Following the completion of the Fall 2020 semester through the ROSE program, it is anticipated that students will be able to experience Rutgers University in New Jersey for the Spring 2021 semester pending university operating status, visa interview availability, and travel restrictions. 

Participation in this program is contingent upon government regulations within both China and the United States, immigration and travel restrictions that may be in place, and the university’s operating status at that time. 

The ROSE program option is contingent upon the normal operating status of our partner universities, as well as government and health regulations. The program may be cancelled at any time if required for student’s health and safety. In such a scenario, students may have the option to transfer to another location should spacing be available, or may be automatically reverted to a fully-online first semester option. 

ROSE Program Important Documents

If you have questions regarding admissions application or status, please contact:

Direct inquiries regarding ROSE can be sent to

Please include your name and RUID.

Make sure you follow our official Rutgers Global WeChat account for more information.

This page including the FAQs was updated on 9/11/20. Information will be added periodically.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I am interested in participating in the ROSE program. What are my next steps? +

At this time, ROSE program applications are closed.

What are Rutgers University's plans for the Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 semesters? +

Rutgers University is operating with a majority of remote courses, and a limited number on in-person classes for the fall semester. For the spring semester, Rutgers is working on several contingency plans to provide the best academic experience to newly admitted international students who may not be able to come to study on campus in New Jersey. For the latest messaging on the operating status as well as plans for next semester, read the most recent communication from Rutgers leadership.


With which universities is Rutgers partnering? +

Rutgers is hosting the ROSE program at partner universities in northern, central and southern China. The current ROSE locations* include: 

*Note: Changes in partners or locations may occur if required.

How do I know if I received a spot in ROSE? +

If accepted into the ROSE program, your application status in the ROSE portal will read "accepted" or "admitted."

I am enrolled in the ROSE program. May I change to another location during the semester? +

We understand students and parents may want to attend another ROSE program during the semester, however we are working to ensure that students are fully supported and placed in the most positive academic environment, and therefore students will not be able to change ROSE locations during the semester.

Can current Rutgers students or newly admitted transfer students participate in the ROSE program? +

At this time, this signature program is only available to newly admitted incoming students. We are currently exploring the possibility of allowing some of our current students to study abroad at a partner Chinese university. Options for current students will be determined by our Chinese partner university’s capability and policies to accommodate students. 

What options are available for housing? Will any residential staff and support be provided? +

Depending on the city location, students are provided with a choice to reside in on-campus housing or a nearby hotel. Residential staff and support are provided for both scenarios. 

Students also have the option to decline on-campus housing and commute from home if they are closer to campus. 

For information on each site's specific housing information, visit the individual program pages above. 

What are the main differences between the ROSE program and an online-only coursework option? +

In order to offer first-year incoming students a more comprehensive student experience and integration into the Rutgers student community, the ROSE program will offer select in-person classes, recitation sections, and tutoring. This option, when coupled with distance education and advising from Rutgers faculty and staff in New Jersey, will help maximize a students’ academic success by increasing their sense of belonging to the Rutgers community. 

Through the ROSE program, students will also be able to participate in student activities organized by Rutgers and/or the partner university to better foster an on-campus experience.

Will the courses offered for the ROSE program be the same as those offered at Rutgers in New Jersey? +

All online coursework is the same coursework offered to all Rutgers students. In-person classwork is similar to academic coursework normally offered in New Jersey. In-person course options in China vary due to locations and Rutgers school choices. 

Please visit the individual program pages above for more information regarding academics at each location.

Are the current courses listed on each ROSE program profile the final list of courses that will be available? +

The final course offerings may vary slightly due to student enrollment. Those currently listed are preliminary courses that may be offered. 

Will the courses provided by ROSE be core components for graduation? +

Yes. The courses provided through this program will be core components that are normally required for first year students in order to help you graduate on time. These courses are prepared according to approved Rutgers syllabi and will be taught jointly by Rutgers and Chinese university faculty. 

Will students need to also take online classes? +

Yes. The ROSE initiative program consists of a combination of in-person and online classes. Academic advisors in your school will assist you in choosing the appropriate online courses for the fall 2020 semester. Online coursework will primarily be asynchronous remote learning, but occasionally may require live interactions to better integrate students with other Rutgers classmates around the world.

Are the in-person courses and coursework be conducted in English or Chinese? +

The in-person academic courses and coursework are primarily conducted in English. There will be bilingual support from professors to help students better understand and supplement course content if needed. 

Will Rutgers provide academic support to students who choose the ROSE program? +

Yes. In order to support students’ academic needs, on-site academic advisors and tutors from both Rutgers and the Chinese partner university are available, as well as learning center support from Rutgers University in New Jersey.  

If I begin in the ROSE program, will I be able to transition to in-person classes in New Jersey during the fall semester? +

No. If you start your Fall 2020 semester in the ROSE program, you are required to complete the semester in China. The goal will be to welcome you to the New Jersey campuses at the start of the Spring 2021 semester.  

What is the tuition structure for ROSE? +

Your final tuition bill is determined by your school of enrollment and sent directly to you. Tuition for the ROSE program is anticipated to be approximately $14,500 with additional fees totaling approximately $1,000. 

The tuition structure is similar to a fully online semester, but will have a first semester experience more comparable to a typical in-person semester at Rutgers in New Jersey. 

For more information on term bills, see our FAQs.

Are the required deposits refundable? +

If you have overpaid your term bill, please read our term bill FAQs regarding specific information about deposits and refunds.

The $500 program fee deposit is refundable if you attend Rutgers in the fall and will be applied against your fall 2020 term bill 

If you withdraw from Rutgers, the program fee deposit will be non-refundable. 

The $800 housing deposit will be refundable until July 16th. Afterwards, the deposit will be non-refundable as this will go directly to secure a room at your preferred housing. 

Are the program fee deposit and housing deposit separate from the tuition and housing costs? +

If you are attending Rutgers in the fall through ROSE or online, the $500 will be applied to your tuition. 

If attending ROSE in the fall, your housing deposit will be subtracted from your housing bill.

Are facilities and resources at the partner Chinese universities open to Rutgers students? +

Campus access varies according to partner and local government policies. Depending on partner university policies, more facilities, including local campus cards, may be available. For more information on specific facilities and resources available at each location, consult with your on-ground staff. 


Will students still need an F-1 visa to attend the ROSE program? +

To attend the ROSE program, there is no requirement for an F-1 visa. However, it is highly recommended that you start your F-1 visa application for Spring 2021 as early as possible.

Will I be required to purchase health insurance? If so, will Rutgers provide insurance guidelines for all students? +

Yes. Rutgers will require students to purchase insurance and has provided guidelines on the minimum coverage. 

What rules and policies will Rutgers students need to abide by during the ROSE program? +

ROSE students will need to abide by policies applicable to all Rutgers students, as well as ROSE policies and partner policies.

Students will receive a handbook explaining the ROSE policies and will be briefed on partner policies during the orientations.

Students will be held to the same standards and accountability as students in New Jersey.

If I am having an issue during the ROSE program, who should I contact? +

Each ROSE location has on-ground staff dedicated to ensuring students' safety and addressing students' concerns. Students' primary contacts should be this on-ground ROSE staff.

Students are also able to directly communicate with ROSE staff in New Jersey regarding any concerns or questions.

Additionally, students are able to directly contact any relevant Rutgers departments such as Student Conduct and Student Affairs with any questions or concerns.

For academic questions, we recommend that students contact local staff and/or their schools.

Are any mental well-being services available to ROSE students? +

Yes. Students can take advantage of several options. CAPS at Rutgers will offer virtual programming throughout the semester in which ROSE students can participate. However, one-on-one or other counseling services will not be provided to students outside of New Jersey through CAPS. 

ROSE Students have access to mental health counselors either in person or virtually at each ROSE location. Students can make appointments for counseling or take part in well-being workshops throughout the semester.