University Alliance on Refugees and At-Risk Migrants

The University Alliance on Refugees and At-Risk Migrants (UARRM) is a group of researchers, practitioners, and policymakers seeking to harness the potential of university communities for the empowerment and protection of refugees and at-risk migrants.

Its mandate centers on higher education and vocational training for refugee and at-risk migrant students, scholars fleeing conflict and/or repression, and members of their families. The UARRM gathers vested parties across relevant sectors including migrants, refugees, student associations, the academy, education think tanks, legislators, local government, ecumenical education institutions, and the international community.

Areas of Action

UARRM maps and promotes existing efforts by action area, exchanges information with interested partners, and takes actions in these different areas, to progress promising initiatives.

1. Offering more legal pathways to the United States for study/research/vocational training

2. Overcoming barriers to entry into higher education institutions in the United States

3. Providing on-campus/in-community assistance and empowerment

4. Advocacy and awareness raising

5. Research

6. Media and Communications


Jane Roche
Rutgers Graduate School–Newark