Refugees and Migrants - Social Work Courses


GRADUATE COURSE: Social Work with Immigrants and Refugees (19:910:543)
Professor: Donald Stager
This course examines the phenomenon of global human migration and human vulnerability and the impact on the local reality.  Students will develop knowledge and skills that encompass the diversity of immigration experiences, international refugee situations, and acculturation and family dynamics processes, as well as transnational families and ethnic tensions.

GRADUATE COURSE: Global Social Work and Social Development (19:910:545) Spring 2018
Professor: Rebecca Davis
This course explores global social work, past and present, and the application of social work methods (micro and macro) to vulnerable groups within today’s global context. Students learn about different social service delivery systems around the globe and initiatives aimed at developing and improving systems of care (with an emphasis on developing countries). Students have the opportunity to select a country and vulnerable group for more in-depth study. Finally, students learn about global social work and international development career opportunities and explore their own career goals.

GRADUATE COURSE: Latinos, Cultures, Community and Social Welfare (19:910:549) Spring 2018
Professor: Lydia Franco
This course provides an overview of Latino peoples in the United States.  It examines concepts and theories that apply to ethnicity, racial and social identity, acculturation, and more as they apply to the various Hispanic groups in the United States. A model for viewing Hispanic identity will be presented as a basis for social work assessment and intervention.