Refugees and Migrants - Latino and Hispanic Caribbean Studies Courses


Latinos and Migration (01:595:298) Spring 2018
This course examines the origins and processes of international and intra-national migration by peoples from Latin America and the Hispanic Caribbean to, from and within the United States. Crosslisted with 01:590:298 and 01:508:370.

Introduction to Caribbean Studies (01:595:100) Spring 2018
Dafne Duchesne-Sotomayor

Hyacinth Miller
Robert Ramos
Liesl A. Owens-Wiedemer
This introductory course covers the diverse histories, cultures, and forms of thinking of Caribbean societies, beginning with the geographical and sociocultural aspects of the Caribbean and an overview of its history and ending with an examination of the factors involved in shaping the modern Caribbean, including globalization and inequality, race and racism, migration, the legacies of slavery and colonialism, and artistic, intellectual, and religious traditions. 

Introduction to Latino Studies (01:595:101) Spring 2018
Carolina Alonso-Bejarano
Nelson Maldonado-Torres
Darius V. Echeverría
This course examines some of the central themes that shape the diverse experiences of Latino populations in the United States, including migration histories, Latino labor markets, race, education and the politics of language, Latino political activism, and popular culture. The main goal of the course is to invite students to think critically and understand the conceptual, political, and historical issues that inform Latino experiences in the United States.

Latino Literature and Culture (01:595:240) Spring 2018
Professor: Rafael Vizcaino
This course surveys Latino/a literary voices drawn from the Mexican, Puerto Rican, Dominican, Cuban and other Latin American migrations to the U.S. and analyzes the relationship between literary and cultural representation and exile, resistance and assimilation; political presence and identity formation; race, ethnicity, gender and sexuality. Crosslisted with 01:050:240.

Latino History (01:595:369) Not currently available
This course explores the history of people of Latin American and Hispanic Caribbean descent in the United States over the last two centuries, with an emphasis on exile, labor migrants, refugees, colonial subjects, community formation, political and labor struggles, and racial/ethnic identities. Crosslisted with 01:512:360.