Refugees and Migrants - History Courses

General/Comparative History

African Diaspora Liberation Movements (01:506:330) Not currently offered
This course examined liberation movements in Africa and the African diaspora in Europe and the Americas, focusing on common intellectual, political, and social currents. It concentrated on abolitionism, Pan-Africanism, and nationalism, investigating the relationship between elite and mass movements in each case.

Jewish Immigrant Experience (01:506:375) Not currently available
This course covered the modern Jewish immigrant experience, focusing on European and Middle Eastern communities resettled in America, Israel, and Europe.

African, Asian, and Latin American History

Israeli Culture (01:508:310) Not currently available
Formation of modern Israeli culture since the beginning of Zionist immigration to Palestine; its historical, social, literary, and artistic expressions.

Asian Migrations (01:508:338) Spring 2018
Professor: Julia Stephens
This course explores Asian migration from 1850 to the present and how global historical trends—including overseas exploration, colonialism, capitalism, nation-building, and war—have shaped its patterns within Asia, to Europe, and to Africa and the Americas. The course also explores Asian travel and trade, the role of the Great Depression and World War II, and imperial labor circuits played a role in Asian migration patterns. The course concludes with the more recent history of Asian migration, exploring how the twinned forces of globalization and terrorism have shaped patterns of mobility during the last several decades.

Latin American Social History (01:508:368) Not currently available
This course explored the impact of economic development, immigration, and urbanization on lower- and middle-class life in the 19th and 20th centuries through literary and anthropological as well as historical sources.

Latinos and Migration (01:508:370) Spring 2018
This course examines the origins and processes of international and intra-national migration by peoples from Latin America and the Hispanic Caribbean to, from and within the United States. Crosslisted with 01:595:298 and 01:590:298.

European History

A History of the Britannic Isles: From the Beginnings to the 18th Century (01:510:231) Not currently available
This course explored the histories of the Britannic Isles (modern England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales) from its beginnings until the Act of Union of 1707 and emphasized the history of migration, invasion, and cultural exchange.

Exile under Nazism and Communism (01:510:263) Spring 2018
Professor: Nancy Sinkoff 
This course explores the experience of Poles and Polish Jews under Nazi and Communist rule in the 20th century through history, travel writing, memoir, poetry, and film. Students will examine the history of Poland, the expansion of Jewish settlement, causes that stimulated the development of both Polish and Jewish nationalism in the 19th century, the dislocations caused by World War I, the re-establishment of Poland’s statehood, and the catastrophic invasion and occupation by the Nazi Third Reich. Crosslisted with 01:563:270 and 01:360:292.

Rabbis, Rebels, and Rationalists: The Jews of Eastern Europe (01:510:385) Not currently available
This course examined economic, legal, and political conditions of Jewish life from the 16th century to World War II and the forms of Jewish response, including autonomism, messianism, Hasidism, emigration, and socialism.

American History

The Forging of Modern America, 1880–1920 (01:512:304) Not currently available
This course focused on political reform movements against the background of industrial development, urbanization, and immigration in the United States from 1880 to 1920.

Latino History (01:512:360) Not currently available
This course explores the history of people of Latin American and Hispanic Caribbean descent in the United States over the last two centuries, with an emphasis on exile, labor migrants, refugees, colonial subjects, community formation, political and labor struggles, and racial/ethnic identities.