Refugees and Migrants - Anthropology Courses


Anthropology and Contemporary Issues (01:070:216) Not currently available
This course examines cross-cultural perspectives on contemporary issues such as urban poverty, international migration, health epidemics, and human rights, as well as interconnections of social problems in contemporary global world.

Anthropology of Latin America (01:070:223) Not currently available
This courses provides an overview of the diverse societies of Latin America from an anthropological perspective and explores cultural, economic, political and religious aspects of life in the region, including: urbanization and urban life, and migration and transnationalism, and indigenous peoples and their role in recent political transformations in the region, and the war on drugs.

Anthropology of South East Asia (01:070:246) Not currently available
This courses examines the people of Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, and Singapore, indigenous and immigrant, as well as gender egalitarianism in relation to various subsistence types and religious systems and intercultural relations in multiethnic societies.