Refugees and Migrants - African Studies Courses


African Diaspora Cultural History (01:014:250) Not currently offered
This course provided an introductory survey of the African roots of American and world cultures focusing on their history and processes of culture change. Survey of African-based arts and cultural expressions in the diaspora.

African Diaspora Liberation Movements (01:506:330) Not currently offered
This course examined liberation movements in Africa and the African diaspora in Europe and the Americas, focusing on common intellectual, political, and social currents. It concentrated on abolitionism, Pan-Africanism, and nationalism, investigating the relationship between elite and mass movements in each case.

History of African-American Education (21:014:180) Not currently offered
This course focused on the educational experience of African Americans from the post-Civil War period to contemporary times; educational philosophies of DuBois, Booker T. Washington, and others.

African Culture in The Americas (21:014:301) Not currently offered
This course reviewed cultural and adaptation process made by blacks in the Americas from the era of the Atlantic slave trade to the present, using an  interdisciplinary base of history, anthropology, literature, and music, introductory focus on traditional African culture, identification and importance of Africanisms which have helped to shape both the historic and contemporary identities of blacks in the U.S., Brazil, Haiti, Surinam, and the West Indies.

Education and Social Change among African-Americans (21:014:364) Not currently offered
This courses covered education and social change in the African-American community, as well as issues as they affect the content, function, and the impact of education: pedagogy, pedagogical styles, busing, accountability, community control, and alternative school systems.