Refugees and Migrants - Sociology Courses


Race and Ethnicity in Multicultural Societies (21:920: 316) Fall 2018
Professor: Melissa M. Valle
This course presents a comparative view of ethnic relations, origins in migration and mixture of populations, social-psychological consequences of stratification along racial and ethnic lines, and prejudices with a special emphasis on black Americans

Topics in Sociology: Contemporary Islam (21:920: 393) Fall 2018
Professor: Zahra Ali
This course explores contemporary Islam(s) and Muslim communities from a sociological and anthropological perspective and provides a critical understanding and analysis of Muslim intellectual, religious, and cultural productions and traditions, as well as social, economic, and political realities and experiences. The course further analyzes the imbrication of Islam and ‘Muslimness’ with race, ethnicity, class, and gender. The course provides a contextual, multilayered, and complex understanding of social, political and intellectual movements related to Islam and Muslims such as Muslim reformisms, Islamisms, and Islamic feminisms in Muslim majority contexts such as in Arab countries, in the Middle East, parts of Asia and the African continent—as well as in contexts where Muslims are a minority such as in North America, Europe, and Latin America. The course encourages students to investigate central questions in sociology in relation to contemporary Islam(s) and Muslims such as the relationship between religion and secularism, postcolonialism, and orientalism.