Refugees and Migrants - African American and African Studies Courses


African Cultural Retentions in the Americas (21:014:301) Fall 2018
Professor: Wendell P. Holbrook
This course reviews the cultural and adaptation process made by blacks in the Americas from the era of the Atlantic slave trade to the present, using an interdisciplinary base of history, anthropology, literature, and music. This course provides an introductory focus on traditional African culture, identification and importance of Africanisms which have helped to shape both the historic and contemporary identities of blacks in the United States.

Caribbean People in the U.S. and the Diaspora Not currently available

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Comparative Race Relations South Africa and the United States (21:014:306) Not currently available
This course covers the chronological and interdisciplinary study of the major themes in the history of race relations in South Africa and the United States, as well as systematic comparisons of slavery, frontier expansion, and the roots of enduring racism—with assessments of their long-term effects on social relations in both countries. The course comparatively examines black rights struggle against apartheid, Jim Crow segregation, and impediments to full democracy.

The African-American Community (21:014:396) Not currently available
This courses covers patterns of development that characterize African-American communities in large urban areas of the United States, as well as the structure and organization of these communities in terms of their responses to the larger culture; distinctive problems affecting black communities, and initiatives adopted to overcome them.