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Lack of access to surgery and injury care is the number one health care burden worldwide. As a result, surgery has emerged as a major focus of the World Bank and World Health Organization to specifically enable growing efforts in access to surgical care globally. Populations worldwide endure this burden, and strategies to improve surgical care must be expanded to regional and universal application in surgical and injury systems—not just in clinical care, which is addressed by the similarly aimed but differently approached issue of global health. As a globally engaged institution, Rutgers’ research and clinical practice are committed to global access to health care and surgical care.

Global surgery uses six core universal surgical indicators to monitor universal access to safe, affordable surgical care—and anesthesia—when needed. These indicators include targets for the year 2030. Rutgers Global Surgery is focused on ensuring that these surgical indicators are measured and multidisciplinary strategies are implemented to provide answers in the way of education, training, and workforce capacity expansion.


Starting in 2013, the Rutgers Interprofessional and Multidisciplinary Enterprise in Global Injury and Surgical Health has invested resources in all the above as part of RBHS Chancellor Brian Strom’s key strategic plan—and workforce, education, and training activities are designed to encompass all levels of surgical academic training: medical school, residency, fellowship, and public health degrees.

International Fellowship Opportunities

Rutgers Acute Care Surgery Fellowship
Since 2015, the Rutgers Acute Care Surgery Fellowship provides formal global surgical training to acute care surgery fellows and surgical critical care trainees to broadly equip them for careers as global surgeons. Acute Care Surgery fellows conduct international rotations in essential and emergency surgery, as well as trauma systems improvement. The fellowship augments current injury training paradigms in America by sharing the global burden of surgical access to non-communicable disease and injury treatment. This opportunity is facilitated by the Division of Acute Care Surgery in the Robert Wood Johnson Medical School at RBHS. MORE …

Robert Wood Johnson Medical School (RWJMS) On-Campus Programs

Chancellor’s Global Scholars Program
In 2016, RWJMS introduced the Chancellor’s Global Scholars Program. This program is a four-year longitudinal mentorship, scholarship, and educational program that gives medical students committed to global health prior to matriculation an opportunity to conduct funded trans-national research. 

Global Distinction Program
The RWJMS Office of Global Health’s Global Distinction Program provides medical students with growing interests in global health an opportunity to explore g-local and global population health research. MORE…

Electives exist for international visiting students to Rutgers and Rutgers medical students in their fourth year to do elective rotations.

Residency Opportunities

In 2016, the Rutgers School of Public Health, established a master’s of public health (MPH) dual major in epidemiology and global health. Surgical residents in their mandatory investigational years can complete an MPH within global surgery and global injury fieldwork tracks to gain perspectives in systems and policy, epidemiology, biostatistics, environmental and occupational health, preventive medicine, cultural competency, quantitative and qualitative methodology, and health educational and behavioral science.

Global Surgery Meeting
The Acute Care Division at RWJMS hosts an inviting and stimulating Global Surgery forum where learners have opportunities to learn and share news, projects, and advice; ask questions; and start discussions about global surgery and injury related topics covered in didactic format. For schedule, contact Allissa Gerdes at

Gregory Peck, DO, FACS
Assistant Professor of Surgery
Division of Acute Care Surgery
Director of Performance ImprovementAssociate Director, ACS Fellowship
Associate Director, Trauma Program


Allissa Gerdes, MPH
Program Supervisor
Division of Acute Care Surgery
Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School