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The Rutgers Global - International Student and Scholar Services Data Hub is a new initiative with the goal of providing greater access to commonly-requested statistics and data for our large international student and scholar population. We will regularly update the available data reports below. If you have questions regarding Rutgers Global - International Student and Scholar Services' statistics and data, please contact Trevor Cook, Assistant Director of International Systems & Data Analytics (


Data Trends

IIE Open Doors Student Census Survey

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Open Doors International Student Census: Basic Data


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New & Continuing International Enrollment +

New International Students
  2019 NB 2019 RBHS 2020 NB 2020 RBHS
Undergraduate 1131 2 869 0
Graduate 559 71 348 53
Non-Degree 142 20 59 10
Unknown Level 0 0 44 0


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IIE Open Doors Scholar Census Survey

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