China Strategic Initiative Grant

This grant, facilitated by the Rutgers Global–China Office, is an opportunity for Rutgers academic departments and schools to develop and expand connections, programs, and collaborations with partners in China. Recipients are expected to work with their department/school to develop a strategic plan for engagement with China over the next three to five years.The grant recipient should be committed to leading the formulation and implementation of the strategic plans as developed.  

Since the funding is generated through external resources, the number and size of grant each year will be contingent upon the budget, as well as the quality of the applications.

Steven Henin, Program Coordinator
Rutgers Global–China Office

Additional Information

Eligibility +

  • The proposal must have the support of a Rutgers academic department, and the approval of the dean of the school.
  • A project leader needs to be a full-time faculty member selected by his/her department/school to lead this initiative. The project leader should be someone who has made significant contribution to advancing his/her department’s outreach, exchange activities, and Rutgers’ overall reputation in China. The project leader must be willing and able to lead the development and implementation of the strategic plan in order to advance his or her department/school’s China initiatives.
  • Good academic standing


Application and Deadline +

  • Two-page China strategic plan endorsed by the department or school and approved by the dean of the school. The plan must specify proposed activities, project timetable, and the intended impact over the next three to five years.
  • Department or school nomination letter that explains the project leader’s contributions to its China initiatives
  • CV of the principal investigator
  • Detailed budget and budget narrative

When this opportunity opens, applications should be submitted to the Rutgers China Office no later than the deadline. They will be reviewed by the scholarship committee, which will evaluate the impact of the strategic plan for the particular department/school and award the recipient.

Recipients must submit accomplishment reports, and more importantly, the outcomes and impacts of the departmental strategic plan. Final budget reports must be submitted along with a budget narrative that details how the grant funds were used. The scholarship committee is part of the Rutgers China Office Advisory Council.