The Center for the Study of Genocide and Human Rights (CGHR) has an internationally renowned group of advisers, faculty associates, and affiliated scholars who work on urgent world issues and come from perspectives ranging from global studies to the visual arts. CGHR is also proud to partner with Rutgers, domestic, and international partners.

People and Partners

Executive Committee +

Alexander Hinton

Alexander Hinton
Director, CGHR
Professor of Anthropology and Global Affairs
UNESCO Chair in Genocide Prevention

CGHR - Nela Navarro

Nela Navarro  
Director, EAD Program, Rutgers English Language Institute
English Department Writing Program
CGHR Executive Committee


Senior Research Fellows +

Robert Jay Lifton

Youk Chhang

Visiting Scholars +

Mohamed Alsiadi

Igor Kotler

Luisa Visconti

Natasha Zaretsky

Daanish Faruqi

Mohammed Alsiadi

Daniel Fernandez

Karen Ford

Nalanda Roy

Faculty Associates +

Mohamed Alsiadi
Program Leader, US-MidEast Program

Fran Bartkowski
Associate Professor of English

Anonda Bell
Associate Director
Paul Robeson Galleries, Newark

Karima Bennoune
Associate Professor of Law, Newark

Karen E. Bishop
Assistant Professor of Spanish and Portuguese, New Brunswick

Paul Boxer
Assistant Professor of Psychology, Newark

Stephen Eric Bronner
Professor II of Political Science, New Brunswick

Ethel Brooks
Associate Professor of Sociology, New Brunswick

Sherri-Ann Butterfield
Associate Professor of Sociology, Newark

Ko-lin Chin
Professor of Criminal Justice, Newark

Roger S. Clark
Board of Governors Professor of Law, Camden

Ira Cohen
Associate Professor of Sociology, Newark

Jean-Marc Coicaud
Professor of Law and Global Affairs, Newark
Director, Division of Global Affairs, Newark

Jason Cortés
Assistant Professor of Spanish and US Latino Studies
Rutgers-Newark University

Jennifer Duprey-Colon
Assistant Professor of Spanish and Catalan Studies

Brian Ferguson
Professor of Anthropology, Newark

Yale H. Ferguson
Professor II of Political Science, Newark

Bruce Franklin
John Cotton Dana Professor of English and American Studies

Janice Gallagher
Assistant Professor
Political Science, Newark

Daniel Goldstein
Assistant Professor of Anthropology, New Brunswick

Rigoberto González 
Associate Professor of English and Creative Writing, Newark

Douglas Greenberg 
Executive Dean, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, New Brunswick

Archer St.Clair Harvey
Professor of Art History, New Brunswick
Director, Cultural and Preservation Studies

Carol Henderson
Faculty Associate of Anthropology, Newark

Alex Hinton 
Executive Director
Professor of Anthropology and Global Affairs, Newark

Kimberly DaCosta Holton
Associate Professor of Classical and Modern Languages, Newark

Taras Hunczak
Professor Emeritus of Russian, Ukranian, and East European History 

Lee Jussim
Professor of Psychology, New Brunswick

Peter C. Kahn
Professor of Biochemistry and Microbiology, New Brunswick

Gabriela Kütting
Associate Professor of Political Science, Newark

Kevin Kolben
Assistant Professor of Business, Newark

Richard Langhorne
Professor of Political Science, Newark

Thomas La Pointe 
Director of Education
Assistant Professor
Department of Composition and Literature
Bergen Community College

Michael G. Levine
Professor of German and Comp. Lit., New Brusnwick

Jack Levy
Board of Governors' Professor of Political Science, New Brunswick

Jan Ellen Lewis
Associate Dean and Professor of History, Newark

Roy Licklider
Professor of Political Science, New Brunswick

Laura Lomas
Associate Professor

Fran Mascia-Lees
Professor and Chair of Anthropology, New Brunswick

Saul Mendlovitz
Dag Hammarskjold Professor of Peace and World Order Studies Emeritus
Rutgers School of Law, Newark

Manus I Midlarsky
Moses and Annuta Back Professor of International Peace and Conflict Resolution, 
Department of Political Science, New Brunswick

Sean T. Mitchell
Assistant Professor of Anthropology, Newark

Alexander Motyl
Professor of Political Science

Nela Navarro
Associate Director, Director of Education
Lecturer, Spanish and Portuguese

Richard M. O’Meara
Adjunct Faculty, Division of Global Affairs

Arif M. Rana
Adjunct Faculty

Simon F. Reich
Professor of Political Science
Division of Global Affairs, Newark

Mark Robson
Dean and Professor
School of Environmental and Biological Science
Rutgers, New Brusnwick

Isaias Rojas-Perez
Assistant Professor of Anthropology, Newark

Said S. Samatar
Professor of History, Newark

Norman Samuels
Provost Emeritus and University Professor of Political Science, Newark

Humberto Schettino
Vice-President, BookLinks Publishing Services

Kurt Schock
Associate Professor of Sociology, Newark

Arlene Stein
Associate Professor of Sociology, New Brunswick

Genese Sodikoff
Assistant Professor of Anthropology, Newark

Joelle J. Tutela
Director of the Urban Teacher Education Program, Newark

Asbed Vassilian
Professor of Chemistry, New Brunswick

Bruce W. Wilshire
Professor II of Philosophy, New Brunswick

Odoric Y. K. Wou
Professor of History, Newark

Lemkin Fellows +

2018 Fellows:

Zala Jalali

Kelsey Lizotte

Student Associates +

Lillian Hussong

Wamia Sidiqqi

CGHR Alumni +

To be announced

Rutgers & Domestic Partners +

International Partners +


International Association of Genocide Scholars


Faculty of Social Sciences and Law
University of Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Center of Genocide Studies
Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero (UNTREF), Buenos Aires, Argentina


Armenian Genocide Memorial Museum and Institute 
Yerevan, Armenia


Globalism Research Centre &
Australian Centre for Human Rights Education 
RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia


Institute for the Research of Crimes against Humanity and International Law of the Sarajevo University 
Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina


Centre for Human Rights Research
University of Manibota
Winnipeg, Canada

Montreal Institute for Genocide and Human Rights Studies 
Montreal, Quebec, Canada


Danish Institute for International Studies
Copenhagen, Denmark


Centre for the Study of Genocide and Mass Violence 
The University of Sheffield, Sheffield, England


International School for Caucuases Studies
Ilia State University, Tbilizi, Georgia


National Cohesion and Integration Commission
Nairobi, Kenya


Kofi A. Annan Institute for Conflict Transformation
University of Liberia, Monrovia, Liberia


Center for Studies of Holocaust and Religious Minorities in Norway (HL senteret)
Oslo, Norway


Russian State University for the Humanities
Moscow, Russia


Interdisciplinary Genocide Studies Center
Kigali, Rwanda

Centre for Conflict Management 
National University of Rwanda, Butare, Rwanda


International Catalan Institute for Peace
Barcelona, Spain


Krytyka Institute
Kiev, Ukraine