Global Consortium on Bigotry and Hate 2019-2025

Across the globe, bigotry and hate are on the rise – not just in places like Russia, Syria, or Myanmar but also in Europe and the United States, where anti-Semitic, xenophobic, and white nationalist attacks have taken place with increasing frequency. In part because of their broad scope, discussions of bigotry and hate are often highly general and experience distant. Less attention has been paid to how state, sub-state, and regional actors have both come to understand these phenomena and developed strategies to prevent them.

The Global Consortium on Bigotry and Hate (2019-2025) fills this critical gap by bringing together scholars and practitioners from across the globe to discuss local manifestations of and responses to bigotry and hate. To this end, each consortium partner is hosting a conference on bigotry and hate that brings the consortium partners together with local scholars and practitioners to consider new ways of confronting bigotry and hate. While each partner determines the structure of and goals for the conference they host, the partners jointly work on research, education, outreach, and scholarship projects on bigotry and hate.

Podcast Series on Global Consortium
Hosted by Mdu Ntiuli, Johannesburg Holocaust and Genocide Centre

JHGC In Conversation with Alexander Hinton & Nela Navarro
February 1, 2023 (also on Sound Cloud)

Global Consortium on Bigotry and Hate

The State of Global Hate Event

Norway Bigotry & Hate Event