Announcing the 2020 Rutgers Global Grants Recipients

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 2020 Rutgers Global Grants
Tuesday, July 21st

Rutgers Global is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2020 Rutgers Global Grants. (Please see full list of project descriptions here.)

These modest seed grants are offered yearly to all Rutgers faculty, including tenured, tenure-track, clinical, and NTT faculty. This year, there were four categories of grants: International Collaborative Research Grants, Global Health Seed Grants, Global Environmental Change Grants, and Study Abroad Grants.

In announcing the grant recipients, Vice President for Global Affairs Eric Garfunkel noted: “Even during these turbulent and uncertain times, Rutgers Global remains committed to internationalization and expanding our global engagement. These grants awarded to our extremely talented faculty represent our continued belief in the power of research and education to help transform lives all around the world, perhaps now more than ever. While the coronavirus pandemic has introduced challenges to our faculty’s research and travel plans, we are impressed by their creativity and willingness to make necessary modifications to their projects, including embracing virtual opportunities and delaying travel. Moreover, the expanded suite of Study Abroad Grants offered this year underscores Rutgers Global’s ongoing investment in expanding access to global learning and in providing all Rutgers students with opportunities for interdisciplinary experiential learning that addresses real-world global challenges.”

Director of Programs and Partnerships Rick Lee, who administers the Rutgers Global Grants program, added: “We were deeply impressed by the breadth and depth of the proposals this year, and are pleased to show our support for our faculty through the Global Grants. We are honored to continue our collaboration with the Rutgers Global Health Institute in offering the Global Health Seed Grants. This year, we are also delighted to partner with the Rutgers Institute of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences and the Rutgers Climate Institute to offer, for the first time, the Global Environmental Change Grants.”

Congratulations to this year’s Rutgers Global Grants recipients.

The 2020 Rutgers Global Grants Recipients:

Arash Azadegan
Valerio Baćak
Nada Boustany
Laura Cuesta
Karishma Desai and Sarada Balagopalan
Maria Dominguez Bello and Jorge Marcone
Donna E. Fennell
Weihong “Grace” Guo
Nicole Houser
Allan Punzalan Isaac
Radha Jagannathan
Mubbasir Kapadia
Debra L. Laskin
Mark McGovern
Tobias Schulze-Cleven
Mi Shih
David Shreiber
Yuliya Strizhakova
Liping Zhao

(offered in partnership between Rutgers Global and the Rutgers Global Health Institute) 
Research Grants
Ann D. Bagchi
Edward J. Alessi
KiBum Lee
Education, Training, and Capacity Building Grants
Diane Hill
Manuel Jimenez

(offered in partnership between Rutgers Global, the Rutgers Institute of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences, and the Rutgers Climate Institute) 
Kristina Keating
Cymie Payne, Karen O’Neill, Pamela McElwee, Rachael Shwom, and Victoria Ramenzoni
Ying Fan Reinfelder and Caio Mattos
Åsa Rennermalm, Kyle Mattingly, and Mark Miller
Amy Savage
Kimberlee Thamatrakoln
Erin Vogel

Curriculum Integration Grants

Jorge Contesse
Christina Ho
Sunita Kramer and Lisa Hetfield
Matthew Matsaganis and Riva Touger-Decker
International Service Learning Innovation Grants
Jorge Contesse
Madinah Elamin
Rebecca Davis and Laura Johnson
Lorraine Minnite
Ziad Sifri and Harsh Sule
Ian Watson and Paul Sternberger
Short-Term Faculty Led Program Development Grants
Salam Al Kuntar
Young-mee Yu Cho
Ann Freedman and Victoria Chase
Sabiha Hussain
Glocal Learning and Language Engagement Innovation Grants
Robert Scott and Carole Allamand

Please see the full list of project descriptions on our Rutgers Global Grants page.