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Technion International School of Engineering (Israel)

Haifa, Israel

Program Overview

Term Start Date End Date Application Deadline
Spring 2022
Oct 01, 2021
Spring + Summer 2022
Oct 01, 2021
Language(s) of Instruction
Class Standing
Second semester Sophomore
3.2 | 3.3 for 1st Semester Sophomores
Program Type


Program Advisor

The Program

The Technion was established in 1924 and is Israel’s oldest university.

It has since become the primary science-technology institute in Israel and the largest center of applied research. Technion International’s Semester Abroad program offers foreign students from around the globe the opportunity to experience world class university education in Israel. Technion brings innovation, excellence, research and advanced scholarship to the fore during a single semester customized to meet students’ academic needs and interests. The Semester Abroad program also offers exciting social and cultural activities including trips, seminars and social events. Participants live on-campus with Israeli and international students and are fully integrated into life at Technion.

Technion International School of Engineering (Israel)

Program Locations

Technion International School of Engineering (Israel)



Haifa, in the north of the country, is the third-largest city in Israel. It is a busy port city that sits high on Mount Carmel. The Carmelites, a Catholic religious order, were founded here in the twelfth century.  Today, Haifa brings together hi-tech commerce and the arts; the city is a center for cinema, theater, and concerts of all kinds. It also has a cosmopolitan mix of inhabitants, including a high proportion of immigrants from the former Soviet Union.  And for a unique experience visit the Baha’I World Center, a UNESCO World Heritage Site on the slopes of Mount Carmel.



In order to have an idea of what classes are available, you should visit the Technion website.  The courses that the Technion offers in English each year changes, however the majority of English-taught courses are offered through the Civil Engineering department.  Students who are fluent in Hebrew may be able to select courses from the regular department offerings.

The Technion does not require that students study Hebrew while at the university, however we certainly encourage it.  Students have the option of participating in the pre semester Ulpan at the University of Haifa.

You will need to be sure that you are registered as a full time student according to the Technion and Rutgers University. That means you will need to take approximately 16 credits while abroad. The credit translation system between the Technion and Rutgers University is 1:1, meaning a 3-credit course at the Technion will also be a 3-credit course on your Rutgers University transcript.  You will receive 3-4 credits per class taken at the Technion. It is not possible to take classes not-for-credit, nor is it possible to take classes as Pass/Fail.

For information about Study Abroad credit transfer, registration, and transcripts please visit the Academics section of our website.

Academic Calendar

To view the current academic calendar, please visit the Technion web page.


*All dates are subject to change.  Do not book your flight until you have been accepted by the university and the academic dates have been confirmed.

Spring Semester

Mid March

Late July

Academic Year

Mid October

Late July

Housing and Meals

The Technion places visiting students in on-campus apartments.  In most cases students will be placed in a private room within a five person apartment with no more than one other international student, and the rest of your roommates will be Israeli. In your room you will be provided with a bed, desk, closet, and shelves, as well as sheets, a blanket, and a pillow.

The kitchen comes equipped with a refrigerator and electric stove-top burner. While dishes, utensils, and other appliances are not provided, most Israeli roommates are happy to share their kitchen supplies with their international roommates. There is no meal plan at the university so you will need to cook for yourself. Utilities are shared by the suitemates.  Your particular placement is made entirely at the discretion of the Technion. Apartments with kosher kitchens are available upon request.

For more information about accommodations, please visit the Technion web page.

Financial Information

Program Costs

This is the billed amount that will appear on your Rutgers term bill during the term you study abroad.
NJ Resident non-NJ Resident
Program Cost $13,810 $17,010
ATW Scholarship $1,600 0
RU TERM BILL TOTAL $11,930 $17,010
Program Cost includes:
  • Tuition
  • Housing
  • Israeli Health Insurance
  • Administrative Fees
  • On Call International Insurance

Out-of-Pocket Costs

These are estimated expenses that are not part of your term bill. Students will need to pay for these expenses out-of-pocket.
Airfare $1,200
Meals $2,000
Visa (Estimate is for US Citizens) $47
Books and Classroom Materials $225
Local Transportation $400
Personal Expenses $2,000
Total $5,872.00
Out-of-Pocket Cost includes:

The above costs are estimations and represent the known out-of-pocket costs students encounter during their time abroad.

Some of these expenses will be paid for prior to going abroad, such as an airline ticket, while some of these expenses, such as meals and personal expenses, will be paid in-country as part of your daily expenses. As you plan, you will need to budget these costs and spend wisely throughout your time abroad.


Available to all Rutgers students participating in a Rutgers Global–Study Abroad program. Applications can be found inside of your study abroad program application. For more information, please visit the Scholarship section of our website.

Available to study abroad students who receive a Pell Grant.  For more information about the scholarship and additional eligibility requirements please visit the Gilman website.

A limited number of scholarships are available to all Rutgers students through the Jewish Studies department.  For more information please visit the Jewish Studies Department website.

Available to all Jewish undergraduate students participating in a MASA-affiliated program.  For more information please visit the MASA website.