Academic Planning

No matter what you’re studying at Rutgers, chances are we have a program that offers courses that count toward your major.  In all cases, study abroad courses earn credits toward the graduation requirement total and the grades received will also factor into the cumulative GPA.

Applications for summer, fall, and academic year programs are due on March 1. Applications for winter and spring programs are due on October 1.

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Earn Credits. Make Memories. Gain an Edge. Study Abroad.

Additional Information

Step 1: Get course approval from your school or department +

All courses count toward your graduation total, but you are responsible for ensuring that a course taken abroad fulfills a major/minor/general education requirement. If so, your advisers will note in Degree Navigator that a course you took while abroad fulfills a requirement. We will provide access to the course equivalency form once we have approved your study abroad application; this form needs to be signed by a department head for major/minor course requirements and by a dean for general education requirements. 

Step 2: Register for study abroad +

Once you’ve been accepted and have determined your course track, you don’t need to register for the study abroad courses. We will register you for the study abroad program, which will appear as a placeholder course that reads Rutgers Study Abroad in (country), ( ) credits. Once we register you for study abroad, all other courses you may have been registered for on campus will be deleted. It is your responsibility to monitor your registrations. 

Step 3: Register for your return to Rutgers +

You will receive an email while abroad reminding you of registration dates for Rutgers classes. You can register courses for your return through

Step 4: Get your grades +

Though Rutgers grades usually post immediately, it is not always the case with foreign institutions. Please allow up to eight weeks after the study abroad program end date to receive your grades and transcripts. We will alert you when your transcript is ready. 

Real World Experiences


Study abroad students are people with thoughts, feelings, experiences, and expressions. In this Facebook series, study abroad students “tell all” about their time abroad.



Study abroad students often return with a desire to tell their fellow students about their experiences. Our Global Ambassadors are returned study abroad students who can answer your questions and concerns about study abroad.

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In our TV show spin-off podcast, Rutgers Around the World, Rutgers student Vanessa Herrera talks about her experiences as a study abroad student to Mexico and how it has directly carved a path for her career development.

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