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Rutgers Centers for Global Advancement and International Affairs

About Us

About Us

The Centers for Global Advancement and International Affairs (GAIA Centers)

Rutgers faculty are leaders in innovative research and extend their excellence in teaching and service to the university, the state, and the global community. As part of its commitment to "Jersey Roots, Global Reach," the university established the Centers for Global Advancement and International Affairs in 2011. The GAIA Centers work toward developing a comprehensive, campus-wide set of international initiatives and services, initiating collaborative projects and strategic partnerships around the world, and expanding students' opportunities for international study and research. The GAIA Centers are founded on four pillars: Global Education, Global Programs, Global Relations, and Global Services.

Mission Statement

The GAIA Centers ensures that Rutgers attains its full potential as a globally engaged institution of higher education, representing the university's motto, "Jersey Roots, Global Reach," throughout its teaching, research, and service. Every Rutgers graduate must be equipped with the knowledge, awareness, and skills necessary to meet the increasingly complex challenges of the 21st century. Rutgers faculty must have opportunities to engage with their peers around the world to address pressing issues that transcend national borders. GAIA Centers will lead and serve as a catalyst for engaging and advancing the university's global mission through:

  • Global Education
    Developing the global citizenship in Rutgers students by providing opportunities for international study, research, internships, service learning, and multicultural experiences that are integrated with and support the learning goals of the academic majors.
  • Global Programs
    Internationalizing our campus and surrounding communities by developing and facilitating cross-cultural and global programmign that grow a global awareness among the Rutgers community and constituencies.

  • Global Relations
    Facilitating strong and consequential partnerships with universities, governments, and communities abroad and helping to welcome international delegations to encourage the exchange of knowledge, ideas, expertise, technology, and cross-cultural dialogue.
  • Global Services
    Providing immigration processing and advising to international students and scholars and provide a welcoming environment and avenues for acculturation for these international visitors.






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2016 International Research Conference

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2016 International
Research Conference
Advancing International Research Collaborations: Policy and Practice
July 20–21, 2016

Rutgers Around the World

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Six-episode TV show on Rutgers' international history and connections.
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