SDG 10. Reduced Inequalities - Student Groups


Underground: A Social Justice Organization
Underground is a social justice focused club that was created in August 2016 out of the need to have a space where marginalized voices can be heard. It also serves to advocate, collaborate, and create workshops/ events to raise campus consciousness. 


Association of International Relations
The Association of International Relations promotes and works toward the United Nations SDGs, which include diminishing inequality globally, fighting for renewable energy, and volunteering with the world's refugees.


GOYA Project
The GOYA Project, an organization that challenges students to get involved locally, nationally, and internationally, is a vehicle for the Rutgers students to address the issues of education, health, poverty, and inequality through a very strong emphasis on literacy and education. Currently, the GOYA Project’s outreach is focused on residents in New Brunswick, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, and Sierra Leone.

Oxfam Rutgers
Oxfam Rutgers is a university chapter of Oxfam America and Oxfam International. This group is dedicated to helping spread awareness about hunger, poverty, and injustices that occurs all over the world. Oxfam Rutgers will also engage the Rutgers community in fundraising and volunteer activities, helping to create long-term solutions for global poverty and injustices related to poverty, including but not limited to, health and education, as well as crisis relief to poverty stricken nations around the world.

Reduce inequalities in and among countries